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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Merry Christmas! - 13th Day of Christmas... Cause I Say So!

So, it is 2007...
And, although Saddam has bit the big one, so many creeps, a-holes, bastards, truly rotten to the core asinine oafish jerks have indeed made it to 2007...!
Heck, they might in fact make up the majority now in this rotten world!
And so, now, it is my turn to ask the simplest of questions - why?

Why are S.O.B.s such as Gourgen Sevantsian still alive and even (slightly) striving?
Why are soulless morons such as Feste Orsino Relhes still able to cling onto "dear life" - WHY?
Haven't these types of sickening and revolting wastes of flesh that demean and completely de-value the worth of the human race before the Eyes of God -not my own, no, the Eyes of the Almighty- haven't they, therefore, DONE ENOUGH?
I could tell you what they've done, to so many, but I will not...
Saving it for a court of "law" - hopefully, the only true Court of True Law, That Which Will Be Presided By The Most Awe-some Judge of all - GOD ALMIGHTY, on Judgment Day! ;)
I do believe though that my testimonial as a key witness will not even be necessary then...!

Irony of ironies, a namesake of the first creep is found to be a clone of the second creep - see here for the sad evidence, in more concrete detail... Sad, very sad indeed, for the poet who bears the traits of a monster while wearing the name of the other first is most probably not one iota like either one of those abominable anthropomorphs...
Tis extremely sad, indeed... For, after all, what's in a name? And appearances are deceiving - though I shall refrain from passing further judgment, since I do not know the poet, namesake of one and lookalike of the other, the worst one... For all I know, the poet could be an actual amalgam of the other two - which would produce then the "ultimate abomination" I can assuredly tell you at this time, for I know very, very well the two main ingredients here - alas! But I know not the poet, and so, this is mere supposition on my part, in regards to the "ultimate abomination" only though!
Hence my rhetoric and stance on telling you that, without a shadow of a doubt, the two aforementioned slimeballs shouldn't be alive anymore - and the day that they finally do kick the bucket, it will be such a great day for the environment (theirs anyhow) that I will make sure I am there to catch the bucket and stuff it down their breathless throats - just to make sure that the damn quacks don't bring them back, y'know! Damnable quacks save the lives not worth saving and don't do squat for the GOOD ONES... That is NOT good service, you know! It's really a disservice to humanity! I know that, nowadays, swearing Hippocrates' Oath is an automatic doorway into biased hypocritical country - but do quacks have to be blind as batty bats too? They are going about their "business" all wrong, and if no one will point that out to them - I shall, aye!
But that is another horrifying story...

Of course, there is always the flipside of every situation - always.
Here, the only positive aspect of the sad and sordid situation is that these bastards live on so that they will SUFFER MORE THEMSELVES... They think they can dish it out pretty good? They have to expect to take some now, on the chin, on the shin and everywhere in-between! And maybe then, just maybe, they will expiate a tiny percentage of their many, many sins... That goes for many worthless pieces of scum, not just the two that I chose to use as "examples" here, of course... Right, Kevin T? Or D? Well, Turd or Dud, it all boils down to the same misbegotten thing - don't you aaaaaall agree? Rrrrright...

It is my firm belief that even Saddam, the "Butcher of Baghdad", by being effectively murdered himself, did in fact expiate a small portion of his sins right there and then, when he hung! As infinitesimal as that might be, expiation is always a good thing - right, Martha?

Hmm... I guess that this post turned into an impromptu preview of the lambasting blog...!!!
I could say that I am sorry about that - but I will have to first analyze my innermost feelings to truly assess whether I am sorry about it - or not at all.
Right now, you've guessed it, it's not at all.

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