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Friday, January 05, 2007

Merry Christmas! - 14th Day of Christmas...

So then, I know the question is burning on every pair of lips, to be asked and answered - asap! WHY (what - again with the "why"? There are five types of basic questions, you know! Haven't you people ever heard of "W5" - huh? As in W times five? Relax - I am not predicting Dubya will be re-elected three more times (now that is an impossibility!) or that he will be either followed by a succession of four prezzes just as inept as he has proven to be or, heaven forbid, that he would be cloned, more than once to boot...!
Nooooo- none of that gloomy predictions stuff here, on TLB Prime! Not so soon anyway... ;)
All I am saying - in a decisively digressive manner yet again - is that, if I am to answer the same question over and over again... I will make it just a tiny bit more "fun" for myself and run the gamut of possible questions - at least the prototypical basic questions, that is the "W-5" questions...
WHO? Well, that would be me, thy luminous blogger, Luciano!
WHERE? Here! On The Luminous Blog! (No matter where else you may be reading this, through whatever RSS feed it may be, comment on the original site ONLY - capisce?)
WHAT? Well, this would be my 14th post in a row titled "Merry Christmas!" - with no particular emphasis on either the "merry" part or, alas, the "Christmas" part of the equation either... Sorry! *Snif* :(
HOW? Maybe you want to ask the kind peeps over at Blogger for such simplistic fluff then...
and, finally, once again coming full circle with the...
Why? I'll tell you "why"...
I wanted 14 straight days of Christmas in order to prolong both the bliss and the pain - the ecstasy and the agony - the joy of celebrating the birth of The Saviour (whenever it might have really taken place - we think of it, we focus on it NOW - capisce? Case closed!) while dealing with bereavement - how much more incongruous can it get to be than that, hmm?
Christmas time - always a favorite time of the year for little luminous me, from waaaaay back! Alas, this year, tis the first one without my best friend around - the one man on this wretched planet that I could trust completely, like, with both arms tied behind my back, strapped to a wheelchair, gagged, with a blindfold on and earplugs in my ears... I could trust this saintly man would look out for my very best interests - no matter what!
And he is gone now.
He is not here, not physically anyway...
And this Christmas Time... this Holiday Season... these past fourteen days were the first holidays without him around.
What did you expect - that I wouldn't write about it here?
Oh, ye of little faith...

I chose to go with "14 days of Christmas" rather than 12 for another very good, excellent reason too...

His birthday was on a 14th.
Furthermore, this year would have marked 14 full years since he had last spoken a word too.
A single word, any word.
He had been stricken with aphasia back in 1993.
He had never recovered his speech.
Not even partially.

You know - I personally know people who talk too much.
It is their right.
Others talk too much - and cause harm with their words.
Now, those people I always wondered why they don't get stricken with aphasia the way my saintly dad was. Why do those people keep their ability to speak - to lie, to unfairly accuse, to speak ill of others, to curse, to cause all sorts of evil...?
And they don't lose their speech?
They'll never lose their forked tongues?
Do I have to grab a pair of scissors to do it then...?!?

My saintly father lost his speech and he had never said a tenth of the bad things that I hear others say...
It would have been 14 years to the day on August 1st, 2007.

You wanted to know "why"...
You got your wish.

May we all get our wishes so promptly and so succinctly during the course of this year - 2007 should be a "big one", either way...


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