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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Scorpions On The Plane!

Alright - admittedly, there was only one. Whereas they had more than one snake on that jet Samuel L. Jackson was flying in...

My questioning is - where is airport beefed-up security in all this?
They have shoe scans now - they confiscate all manners of aerosols and blades - they take no chances and go overboard on precautionary measures so that "another 9/11" doesn't happen (if it is meant to happen again though - it will. No amounts of precautionary measures can offset predestined things...)
And yet - scorpions and snakes can get on the damn planes?
Granted, the second species only went nuts in a bit of fiction fluff...
Pets are allowed on planes though - the only problem is that some individuals' idea of what a "pet" can be is downright too exotic for any sane person's tastes!
A tarantula? A scorpion?!? A damn revolting snake - which you feed mice and bunnies to?!? Ditch the damn serpent and adopt the defenseless bunny instead, you dumb morons! Get a gerbil, a hamster, a mouse - not to feed it to a monster that hisses in contentment but to be YOUR PET!
Anybody who is a "snake lover" is, to me, someone with a brain chemical imbalance of some sort... One cannot pet and love the embodiment of evil in the animal kingdom - no way! Just the process of feeding these slithering monsters is abominable in itself - if you love it so damn much, why don't you feed yourself to the darn snake, huh? (Some silly snake lover found out just how demented he was in thinking that the snake loved him back or something, too - the snake went ballistic! It swallowed up "non-food items" - bit its master - killed the neighbor's dog or cat, I forget now...

All this to say that, if I ever encounter a snake owner - expect me to do the right thing and BEHEAD THE DAMN CREATURE BEFORE HIS FEEDING TIME COMES!

As for the scorpions and other strange pets making it onto airplanes...
Maybe that is the next Al Qaïda weapon right there, hmm?
I can see it now: "we are taking over this plane now - or the stewardess gets a scorpion sting right between the eyes!"
I'd prefer to see a male steward being threatened in such a savage way though, if it's all the same to you...!

Scorpion stings Vermont man on airplane By DAVID GRAM, Associated Press Writer
Wed Jan 10, 5:02 PM ET

MONTPELIER, Vt. - A scorpion stung David Sullivan on the back of his right leg, just below the knee, then continued up that leg and down the other, he believes, before getting him again in the shin.

It wasn't what he was expecting on a flight from Chicago to Vermont.

Sullivan, a 46-year-old builder from Stowe, was aboard the United Airlines flight on the second leg of his Jan. 3 trip home from San Francisco, where he and his wife Helena had been visiting their sons. He awoke from a nap shortly before landing and noticed something strange.

"My right leg felt like it was asleep, but that was isolated to one spot, and it felt like it was being jabbed with a sharp piece of plastic or something."

The second sting came after the plane had landed and the Sullivans were waiting for their bags at the luggage carousel. Sullivan rolled up his cuff to investigate, and the scorpion fell out.

"It felt like a shock, a tingly thing. Someone screamed, 'It's a scorpion,'" Sullivan recalled. Another passenger stepped on the two-inch arachnid, and someone suggested Sullivan seek medical help.

He scooped up the scorpion and headed to the hospital in Burlington. His wife stopped at the United counter and was told the plane they were on had flown from Houston to Chicago. The Sullivans surmised the scorpion boarded in Texas.

"The airlines tell you can't bring water or shampoo on a plane," Helena Sullivan said. But the scorpion did make it aboard, she said.

United spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said the incident "is something that we will investigate and look into. We're very sorry for what happened. Our customer safety and security is our No. 1 priority." She said the airline would offer to reimburse Sullivan's medical expenses.

"We'll probably never know where the scorpion came from," she said. "People come through Chicago from all over the world."

Such incidents are not unheard of. An American Airlines flight was delayed for an hour in Toronto on Sunday after a passenger was stung by a scorpion that had made its way on board. Paramedics treated the man when the flight from Miami landed. The delay came when officials searched the aircraft to ensure no other critters had stowed away.

Scorpion stings are rarely fatal, except to babies or older people with health problems, said Dr. Stephen Leffler, director of emergency services at Burlington's Fletcher Allen Health Care hospital.

"We don't see many scorpion bites in Vermont," Leffler said.

For a healthy adult, a scorpion sting can mean numbness or shooting pain extending out from the sting, or flu-like symptoms, which Sullivan said he had the next day.

He said he hadn't seen the recent movie, "Snakes on a Plane," starring Samuel L. Jackson.

"I'm pretty selective about what I see," Sullivan said. "Maybe I have to see it now."

Not many scorpion bites in Vermont, eh?

I've got news for you, pal!

There are scorpions and unclean things EVERYWHERE...

They simply don't all come in the same shape or form, that's all!

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