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Sunday, January 07, 2007

subway synchronicity - a special edition of statistics sunday

Ah -on my way to work or, today, it would have to be to mass; for it is epiphany, duh!- I want to LEARN something! And not just waste my time observing each new passenger in public transportation (which is highly recommended - for both the environment as well as for alleviating those traffic woes!) wondering if the next one's going to be my all-new lifelong enemy...! Fortunately, one can learn several tidbits of fascinating information just riding the subway train - and you do not have to bring with you a portion of your encyclopedia to read during the long trip in order to do so either!

In the Montreal subway, for instance, the electronic board provided by Alstom Telecité is chock-full of interesting facts, anecdotes, trivia and even poetry for the subway users to read and partake of, instead of staring dumbly at each other...!

Alstom may be a French company but they are far from being behind the times at all... Sorry, American Pis!

A little sample of fascinating facts found on the electronic boards in various train wagons of the subway system:

If you are found to be among the lucky ones whose net worth is around 150,000$ or more (approximate number) you are then among the 10% richest among the world!
If you have 500,000$ or more in the bank, you're among the 1% richest...
Yes - that is in the whole wide world!

Germany is the country where sex education starts the earliest - children being educated in the facts of life as early as 13 years of age, I believe... (Lest it is... eleven?)
(Ten? 9...8...7...6...5...4..3...2...1...
Happy New Year?!?)

Speaking of happy (must be the synchronicity factor REALLY kicking in now...!)

Happy people get to be more creative
But angry people tend to have greater concentration to minute details and, thus, make more effective workers because of that - which must be why bosses are so cranky and obnoxious to you - because their job is to make you more effective as a direct result of antagonizing you!

I know that I can be extremely effective either way - for the only thing antagonizing or truly just annoying me at work is the rampant hypocrisy that I see there, down in the trenches mostly but, really, at all levels...

Thou ol'chums, co-workers of mine, verily I tell thee - love me, hate me or be indifferent to me... But you will never forget me! ;)

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