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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

wednesday weirdness - the comeback tour

A long-awaited return, I do believe... I've had requests, see...? Lest those were just "the voices" again...? Yikes! As long as they tell me to blog and not to blow up, things will be okay I guess... *LOL*
I am jesting about the "voices", of course - just making it crystal clear before my detractors use it as "evidence" against me!
And so, now, we will run through some news items from recent newsmakers and reliable news sources... Only the weird ones need apply though! "Weird stuff", as good ol' Johnny used to say... Somehow, at the end of the show, one was always partially disappointed for the "stuff" in question wasn't that weird at all... Maybe I can avoid the partial part and *completely disappoint* instead, eh? Would you like that? Huh? *LOL*
Just teasing now...
Joking around like this is good therapy - one forgets the crying on the inside that way - capisce? Try it sometime... When it is required...

First item that jumped at me during the pre-selection of this round of weirdness was the news that a U.S. senator is pushing for a "faster release" of Nazi-era documents, from Germany... Any slower than this one cannot possibly get, indeed... The war has been over for how many years again? Un calcul rapide... closing in on 70 years now? Getting there anyway... I guess that the good senator wants to see these documents before he gets laid to rest - hence, his pushing so hard for their release, before he pushes daisies himself! More power to you, Senator Biden, in your bid for this - if not for re-election too!

Next - violent reactions to Saddam Hussein's death... But in Detroit, of all places! Gee, I never knew that the motor city's riff-raff had such poor taste... I bet they do though - they like Hall & Oates down there, don't they? Motown records too? They claim to be "hockeytown USA" - when it makes little sense... And one can suppose that seeing their Tigers being eaten alive by BIRDS and "poor Saddam" getting to hang in the same year was way too much for their fragile psyche... They had to lash out! And they did... The carnage results makes no doubt: three Shiite mosques and nine businesses owned by the community there were vandalized... Well, what did Shiites expect? Dancing in the streets and passing out candy, in celebration of Saddam's execution, was in poor taste indeed... Personally, I know many jerks who would CLEANSE THE PLANET by passing on - like, NOW! If I learned of their passing, I would not dance nor hand out candy, to no one! I mean, come on; I don't even do it on the insipid "festivities" on all-hallows' eve! What I would do is breathe a sigh of relief - and say "one less creep around" or something to that effect! Ultimately, I would pity my enemy - as I pity already Gourgen Sevantsian and that Feste Orsino Relhes I mentioned recently here... And others, "too many to list" (sheesh - sounds like the disclaimer on the classic Star Wars figures packaging! *LOL*) - yes, I pity them all! I act like my heroes do, in that regard... More on that on Saturday's blog... ;)

Finally, the last bit of weirdness collected for this edition of "weirdness wednesday" comes from Down Under! No, it is not any lamentation concerning the daughter of one Crocodile Hunter who did not mourn properly to give in to the lure and temptations of instant fame and equally instant gratifications... Rather, it is about a whole lot of substances that usually assist those with fame to cope - or brings instant gratification to whomever! Not to say that the Hunter heiress will ever partake of those things... Still, they are amply available in her country too - as police found an astronomical amount of chemicals that are used to mass-produce those ecstasy tablets certain teens are so fond of... We are talking about five-hundred gallons and a street value of nothing less than four-hundred and twenty million dollars! This huge bust, in Sydney, followed a smaller one near Melbourne days earlier... Gee - how long will these druggies be allowed to sell their crap around like this? Stay tuned for more druggie-bashing though, as tomorrow's post will be extremely funny in that regard too...! ;)

Check out the luminous comments section for all the source data!

See - I fear no one and am happy to oblige any "dare" - on the spot!
Ah - if only all my enemies were like that... ;)

Biden pushes for Nazi paper release
BAD AROLSEN, Germany, Jan. 3 2007 (UPI) --

U.S. senators and other officials are pushing for a faster release of Nazi-era documents from Germany.

U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden, the incoming leader of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is concerned that the delayed release is interfering with Holocaust survivors' search for closure, Deutsche Welle reported Wednesday. Approximately 50 million documents are archived in Bad Arolsen, Germany.

An 11-nation panel International Red Cross' International Tracing Service supervises the archive but each individual nation has not agreed to release the papers. Germany, the United States, Israel, Britain, France, Luxembourg, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands are the nations represented on the panel.

Biden wrote in a letter to British Ambassador to the United States David Manning that since virtually all Holocaust survivors are elderly, time is precious in getting them the information they need. His letter also discussed the need to put to rest any notions of Holocaust denial, Deutsche Welle reported.

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Detroit Shiites targeted by vandals
DETROIT, Jan. 9 (UPI) --

Detroit police had few leads Tuesday on who vandalized three Shiite mosques and nine businesses after Iraq executed former leader Saddam Hussein.

Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab-American News, told the Detroit Free Press some thought it was in poor taste for Shiites to have danced in the streets and passed out candy in celebration of the Dec. 30 hanging in Baghdad.

Saddam was a Sunni Muslim and Siblani said he thought celebrating was "a bad way" of showing emotions. Regardless, he said he didn't believe the Arab community was behind the attacks.

Detroit has one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the United States. Imad Hamad, director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee's regional office said Saddam's execution and President George W. Bush's upcoming new plan for Iraq made for a "sensitive time" among Muslims that could have led to the vandalism.

"I want to believe it's isolated and it's an act of ignorance," Hamad said.

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Australian police nab record drug haul
SYDNEY, Jan. 3 2007 (UPI) --

Police in Sydney have made one of the biggest drug busts in Australian history.

In a joint operation, state police from New South Wales and Victoria swooped on the industrial complex of Castle Hill and seized chemicals that could have been used to make ecstasy drug tablets with a street value of about $420 million, officials said.

A police statement said investigators uncovered 500 gallons of the chemicals, known as liquid ecstasy, stored in boxes inside a warehouse at the complex, in Sydney's north-west. The chemicals had the potential to make up to two metric tons of tablets.

Police said their investigations were continuing and, so far, no arrests have been made.

The operation followed a similar discovery last month by Victorian police in the city of Geelong, near Melbourne.

Police who stopped to assist two people in a broken-down auto arrested them when they found 90 gallons of liquid ecstasy inside the car.

It is estimated the chemicals could have made ecstasy tablets with a street value of $40 million.

© UPI, Headline News Powered by

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