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Saturday, February 10, 2007

luminous faves update


I thought now would be a good time to update myself and all about what has been happening in the lives of a bunch of favorites of mine these days - since I have nothing else to blog about at this time (a time when I am feeling both tired, sleepy, down, down and out, out of it, I.T. deficient and an E.T. on my own planet... And that's for starters! But I exaggerate AND digress at the same time there - I think.)

Onwards with the luminous favorites then :)

Zdeno Chara - scored the winning goal on Saturday night's thrilling NHL game between his Boston Bruins and the execrable (because they hail from New York!) New York Islanders! Chara scored the winning goal in a shootout too - the 16th or 18th shooter in a game that went on and on, remaining tied at 3... Bruins finally won it on Zdeno's first ever goal in a shootout like this (he usually doesn't have to come out and shoot!) - the B's needed this one too...

Bobby Orr - well, number 4 is mourning, not celebrating the victory of his former team on this night - at all. Hockey and everything else seems pretty much insignificant when we lose a dear one - and Orr just lost his father. I don't know what shocks me the most, personally speaking - that Bobby Orr's dad, Douglas Orr, was an athlete too (and a fabulous one at that, who did not choose to follow a professional career, that's all) and that now he is no more, at the age of 82... Or rather that Bobby Orr lost his father just now - and that I lost mine first! Either way, the facts remain the same: the world has lost two fine gentlemen in his dad and mine, within months of each other really... God seems to be calling back all the good ones these days - something must be amiss...

Ric Flair - something is surely amiss with him. Alas, it must all be motivated by merchandizing moguls' motives - since a DVD is set to come out in April, titled "Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen", they have Flair brush up on his acting skills and portray the "veteran mad at the lack of spirit in youth today"... (Ironically, his latest feud was against 5 youths indeed - a quintet that was collectively known as... The Spirit Squad! Blame this lack of coherence on the poor writing prevalent in wrestling like... almost always?) Hence, Flair will probably be given the opportunity to FINALLY put together a new team of "Four Horsemen" - likely four youths/punks that he will be forced to sponsor! Because he will not be given carte blanche -in most likelihood- and will have to accept whoever is deemed suitable for the roles by the company and the aforementioned incompetent writing staff! Still, seeing Flair act as he really can is good for nostalgic ones like me - kayfabe or no kayfabe!

Cam Neely - back to the Bruins for a sec here; Cam The Man Neely was recently operated on again, I heard somewhere... Lingering problems stemming from the career-ending injury he suffered over ten years ago... Things like that never stop, it seems; I do know something about it, having my own brand of them here... To think that a gifted athlete like Neely was not only denied what was rightfully is back then but has to suffer the repercussions of the jealousy from his so-called "peers" - to this day! It makes my blood boil... Badger Bob and Ulf Samuelsson - may you both burn in hell!

Larry Bird - keeps on doing what he's doing for the Indiana Pacers organization; which is in no way, shape or form even remotely close to what he contributed to the Boston Celtics organization in the day... But that's okay with me! ;)

Red Auerbach - dead.
Philippe Noiret - dead.
Oliver Reed - dead.

(Ok, ok - I'll stop that right there! Too many of my favorites are gone to have them listed in any "updates" - it has not gotten to the point where they are as numerous as the action figures in the Star Wars classic collection were, but it's close! :(
I'll refrain from mentioning the departed great ones too much here - save that for the Lugubrious Blog indeed - and remain topical here! Luminous Blog = Light Blog! Light in every sense of the word! ;)
It is hard to remain topical some days though...! But that is another story...!)

Some lady favorites before we go then ;)

Diana Rigg - hmm... Not quite sure what she's been up to these days, really...!
Helen Mirren - set to win an Oscar at last! :)
Nicole Kidman - mourning her "twin", Anna Nicole Smith...?

Ok - I'll stop now!


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