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Friday, February 09, 2007

Luminous Friday Night Videos-Radios-Audios-Whatever O's - but YOU supply the Cheerios, Oreos and Hose! ;)


I've been feeling downright annoyed lately
(I know; what else is new? DON'T ASK!)
Aye, I am in a biting mood - AGAIN...
Beware! Be very aware! And scared!
Anyhow, I thought I would take no chances on this edition of LFNV - special extended edition as it is - seeing as if it's not my video playlists that let me down it's the MP3 players. If the players are fine, the damnable Mp3 files are AWOL! And if it's not that, YouTube or Google Video tell me that the videos I want are NO LONGER AVAILABLE... **Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh**!!!!
Well let's tempt fate and see THEM ALL FAIL ME ALL AT ONCE HERE!
Yes - they're pretty much ALL represented here (take your pick) and I've thrown in a few surprises into the mix for good measure! ;)
Let's start with those too :)
Following is a little unexpected preview of the time-honored classics to be expected when you visit one of the newest additions to our venerable TLB NETWORK here; The Saudades Blog which is aaaaaall about nostalgia, reminiscence and the good ol' days! ;)

A video that starts up automatically is required here - and it is ''The Test'' by The Chemical Brothers! An interesting exercise overall - though I would be remiss if I didn't lament the fact that, like most of the videos released by the Chemical Bros, it feels as though the main protagonist is, once again, under the influence of some chemical indeed and just ''seeing things''... If you are like me, you will pretend that such is not the case and that this is really an Epiphany and not ecstasy...!

The aquatic subtext of the preceding video as well as the biting sharkey on top - it all hints at aqua musings (and click on the sharkey and you will go there too!) - so I give to you *here* the best piece of music to be found *there* (and by far the lengthiest piece as well!)

Let's make this a Luminous Night At The Movies while we're at it!
Check out the feature-length video that follows; that is not a mirage nor a mistake - it really is over one hour long! YOU supply the pop corn too now! ;)
No alcohol will be tolerated though!
Parental guidance, viewer's discretion and tons of tolerance advised
And strongly suggested!

In the mood for another hour of toons? Check out some classics now - another hour's worth too - and this time it really is for all-ages! :)

Look at the next video now - great use of great music coupled with a great use of human ingenuity... All for the greater good and doing what is right.

However the centerpiece of today's presentation unquestionably is the next video - a montage based upon a song by Todd Agnew that leaves NO ONE indifferent...

Oh wow Luce,

I just finished watching the video "My Jesus" and it is AWESOME!! WoW!! I just loved it! Thanks so much for posting that video. I added it to my YouTube Inspirational playlist. That is so powerful. You always find the most awesome videos and songs for your blog.

Keep up the great work!

God Bless You (\ô/)
((Warm Hugs))

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