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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Many Faces Of Luminous...!!!

It came to my attention that, in my state of ubiquitous luminescence across the world wide web, I have garnered a multi-faceted aura that mirrors quite faithfully both my multi-sided personality as also my amazing ability to indulge in multi-tasking! ;)
That is all well, fine and dandy with me - since I wanted it that way from the very beginning! Who do you think uploaded all those luminous visualizations of moi 

in the first place... hmm? Here are just a few of these...

As a matter of fact, TLB Prime has, from time to time, showcased some of these pics already...
In the right corner here, a digitalized version of Young Luminous Me...! Or, as I like to call it, Luminoso En Herbe! ;) Herbal teas now - no pot for me! It is currently subbing for me on MySpace.Com, i.o.w. my Luminous Space on MySpace! Below, we find another allusion to my luminous corporeal form - I like to call that one "Luminous After Dark"! ;)

However, as much as it is all out there and, essentially, all over the place (forgive the Dylanism) - I seem to have lost one, at the front! :(
No battles are waged without casualties, as you well know...
The former profile pic I had put up at one of the fiercest battlegrounds I know (second only to sports-related message boards) was replaced by the one pic at the top left that represents the luminous early years...
I give it back to you, here and now, complete with the caption that I added to it, on a day like today; when throwing a fit...! ;)
And then there is always this sketch that may well be my portrait... By the ever-talented Anonymous Artist...

And yes, to those in doubt, I will confirm that I am the star of my own world - just like you are the shooting one of yours! So shut your yap and admire my luminous logo once more now... *LOL*

Nota Bene: It is strongly suggested and even luminously recommended to play the following song as you peruse the visuals of this post - for a complete luminous experience! Thank You! ;)

Two more faces of Luminous for you, TLB fans... (*lol*)

Lifeform Used for Masterful Infiltration, Nocturnal Observation and Ultimate Sabotage

Lifeform Used for Calculation, Immediate Assassination and Nocturnal Observation

Very fascinating choice of words generated by the ''cyborg namedecoder'' there 
(hmm - maybe I am a Terminator-type yet! *lol*)
"L.U.M.I.N.O.U.S. - Lifeform Used for Masterful Infiltration, Nocturnal Observation and Ultimate Sabotage"
"L.U.C.I.A.N.O. - Lifeform Used for Calculation, Immediate Assassination and Nocturnal Observation" - wow...!
I am most proud about the immediacy of certain alleged activities there - though purported to be a part of my ''agenda'' and, in fact, totally unfounded claims, I am nonetheless of the opinion that, if assassination should be attempted, it needs to be an immediate, swift action - yes! No beating around the bush with THAT! *LOL*
As for the sabotage - alas, it is self-inflicted most times here... :(
We are our own worst enemies - don't you all know that yet?
The Adversary can only succeed in tying us in that department...
But that is yet ANOTHER umpteenth story - yes!
For another blog - and another time!
As for just here and NOW...

Aww, let's provide my luminous fans with yet MORE depictions of their adored, adorable and adoring 
Luminous Luciano (adoration is a two-way street too!)

May the REAL Luminous Luciano please stand up
- and shine on!



Thanks for sharing the idea of birthday cards
Always elated to indulge in assisting other multi-faceted Ones... Fred! Or Herman... not absolutely sure there...


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