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Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Night FIGHT!

Oh, it's just me having an umpteenth craving for a$$-whupping action -
anybody out there wants to volunteer their sorry a$$?
You have to be this tall, male, moronic, obnoxious to the point of near-evildom, detestable, execrable, smug, a thug, a bit of a bully too, vainglorious, full-of-yourself, uncaring, apathetic, ungodly, idiotic, hateful, a mocking bastard of an s.o.b. and have all your teeth
(Don't deprive me the pleasure of knocking them all out now!)
Any applicants can apply via Luminous Country - yeah, you do know exactly where to find me! So... Let's get it on! ;)
Join The Luminous Fight Club!
And let's get ready to rrrrreally rrrrrrumble!!!

And I pity the fool who will want to defend your sorry hide!

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