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Sunday, February 18, 2007

More Illogical Idiocy...

So then, if all is well and "in capable hands" out there - how in blue blazes do you explain this:

- Suburban towns finally inaugurating the subway for their decent citizens - just because of their proximity to the proverbial "big town" and in order, hence, to fit in with its polluted and depleted environment more... And what do these geniuses wind up inaugurating? Three stations adeed that end up giving customers metro stations within WALKING DISTANCE OF EACH OTHER -that's of great help, eh- which evidently represents no change at all for either the furthest denizens residing in the heart of the not-so fair city or those actually living around these stations... Further more, wild speculation (isn't it always - wild?) amongst realtors and home owners has everyone daydreaming about selling their houses eventually for up to TWICE as much as it is really worth - just because it rests now upon soil that belongs to a town with a SUBWAY SYSTEM!
That fact alone should make the value of your piece of crappy real estate raise in value - really? Howcome? How could it affect the value of a home that is too far removed from any semblance of a metro station? WHY should it increase its value? Where's the logic in that? WHO said that it is logical?!? (Wow - going systematically through the whole damn "W5" routine here - eh?)
And, of course, the opposite could be true for those homes that are EXTREMELY CLOSE TO THE METRO STATIONS... Like, right above the tracks? Hasn't such lengthy and extraneous excavating actually done you more harm, potentially, than good? What if the ground was not MADE to house such long tunnels in it? What if the engineers were WRONG? These are CANADIAN engineers after all - not the brightest bulbs in the pack, you know! If the Big Dig geniuses up in Boston could make a mistake or two - a poor evaluation or three - what about those at the helm of the extension of the Montreal metro, huh? It won't raise your home's value at all if the very foundations of it start crumbling down beneath your feet, you know! Mere specualation, I know, but it befits the highly-speculative market, so...! ;)
Enjoy that sinking feeling, realtors and real estate investors...! :)

- Something I forgot to mention the last time I did this, about specifically the celebrated and invertebrated MySpace.Com... myspace is so very obtuse - according to their inane rules, we cannot comment on our own accounts because we are not "friends" with ourselves...?!? That makes no damn sense! Even Care2 allows us to message OURSELVES (quite nonsensically too)...!!! Much less comment on OUR OWN STUFF...!
Get a brain, MySpace!

- Credit cards... Over 30% of those who own more than a few of those pesky things have no idea what their rate is! Not talking about their credit rate - but really about the reimbursement rate! Creditors though are the dumbest of them all - it is either that or they are the crookiest of them all! They look at someone with really bad credit history - like, 7 cards past their limit already - and they will give him another card! They like not being paid or something...? No - they like kicking someone when he's down! Better yet - they're vultures! I don't know about you, but I'd take a loan shark over a vulture any day of the week - but never on Sunday! ;)
The pits is to hear credit champions proclaim high and mighty that all is fine, using old adages such as "trust the market - the market will take care of it all for you" when they are told NOT TO DO THAT ANYMORE... The market is CRAP; let's establish that right now! Nothing good ever came from listening to what the masses want or merely THINK that they want/need/crave... Going by what the market dictates is the wrongest choice of all - morally wrong and not viable in any way, in the long run, because the trends come and go and never stay the same in the public's volatile flights of fancy and collective mindset!!!

- Astrology... I am not a fan, but to hear a nitwit like third party-leader Mario Dumont state that "if the people of Quebec entrust us with the power to lead them, I can assure them that we shall certainly not lead them through the use of astrological pseudo-knowledge..."
Oh yeah, Mario? Really? Do you realize that a truly great leader of an ACTUAL COUNTRY (as opposed to Quebec, the wannabee country and lousy mere province) and a PRESIDENT (not a mere "Prime Minister" as you aspire to be - and never will be) of a nation 10 times as populated as yours ACTUALLY DID USE ASTROLOGY before making important decisions...?
I am talking about Ronald Reagan, of course. A President ten times superior to that pathetic Dubya - but that is another story...
It was good enough for Ronald - but not good enough for you, Mario?
Contrary to popular belief, it is Marios who are clowns - not Ronalds! (All the more reason to never heed the market's tendencies - popular belief is always off the mark!)
Mario Dumont is, on top of that, a wannabee antichrist-like harbinger of a new order... It makes for quite the incongruous final product, I'd say...! He did bring up one good "anti-astrology" point though: daily horoscopes give winning lottery numbers to each sign. Those are 12 different "winning" combinations - when there are only a few lotteries per territory that those can apply to, never more than 3 to 5? That makes sense... NOT, indeed. Mario still loses due to his overbearing obnoxious pride! He ain't got my vote - even if I could/would vote there! ;)
Astrology though has nothing to do with daily horoscopes - the latter is pure "garbage entertainment" and nothing else. True astrology is much more complex - it is also much more personal than a generalized/trivialized daily horrorscope...! Nostradamus was for real - so I cannot discard astrology all-together, with the back of the hand, as a vulgar politician will do...

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