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Friday, February 16, 2007

P.N. News...

P.N.News was the monicker a wrestler that time forgot had chosen, as an ingenious (for wrestling, it is) in-joke since his employer was really, at the time, Turner Broadcasting. Turner, back then, owned of course both CNN as well as WCW... Ah, those good old pre-AOL/Time Warner merger days...! No, I'm not getting nostalgic now - that stuff is good for the Saudades Blog! ;)

P.N. news, here, means something else entirely - for here today it means Pathetically Noxious news!
I feel nauseating anyways after each broadcast, notwithstanding the sex appeal of the lady "anchorperson" (how's that for being P.C. and still managing to remain gender-specific? After all, it NEEDS specifying what sort of anchorperson gets me thinking of what men are reputed to be thinking of every nine minutes or so... The other 8 minutes, of course, men are stuck with ladies such as those populating the movie 8 Femmes - not to be confused with 8 1/2 Women now! But I digress...)

Look at the newscast I just saw, which in fact triggered this very blogging session here:
- in a certain big town, in a bad part of town, a 20 year-old was stabbed to death.
- in a certain big town, in a bad neighborhood, a 30 year-old was beaten very nearly to death in his own apartment...!!!
- in a certain area surrounding said big town, in -evidently (?)- a bad neighborhood, a 40 year-old woman was found dead in her own suburban home. (Ste-Angèle-de-Monnoir - rings a bell? Maybe we have a new saintly lady there, now...her spirit that is).
Police is looking for evidence of foul play as I type this or as you read this (the local Clouseaus are slow, you know... They suffer from that rare disease; dunkinits hortonitis krispykremitis - slows down their entire metabolism! It's terrible, I tell ya... Well, I'd "tell ya", but I'd be digressing again - so let's just MOVE ON...!)
However, any more news items like these are best served - cold - on the lugubrious blog archival menu instead!

It's not all nausea though with these P.N. news - no, far from it! Truth to tell, I actually also laughed watching the news today! Sure did - and here is why!
First there was more pathetic displays of so-called earthly "justice" - up in Canada, the Crown's prosecutor was actually happy and even PROUD to announce that there had been sufficient deterrent "example" made from a case where there was, in the end, a complete ABSOLUTION! Wow - that'll sure teach them wannabe ruffians, eh? The case was pathetic to start with - so-called singing star Mario Pelchat was accused of having lost his marbles in a senseless display of road rage... He had allegedly roughed up a TRUCKER (that's believable) after his car and the truck had collided, somehow, at some intersection... "The Crown" estimates that the bad publicity was damaging enough to Pelchat -who still dreams of an international career, somehow- and THAT will serve as sufficient "deterrent" for the population at large not to make manic Mario there an example by throwing the book at him... HA! Right. Those punk kids that ganged up on Sébastien Lacasse several summers ago, 13 on 1, and beat and stabbed him to death on the streets of Laval (où il fait bon vivre - et mourir?) will certainly tremble in fear now... Those like them still at large, that is - because the culprits in THAT case got silly sentences of 5 to 10 years - for they are MINORS. Minor demons you must have surely meant, judge? RIGHT?
Those who might do something just as gruesome look at the ABSOLUTION of Pelchat (a singer they previously had no respect for whatsoever - now, they will put him on par with 50 Cent? LOL) and they look at more severe sentences for theft, enbezzlement and other things - and the punks everywhere will start believing that violence -even excessive/fatal violence- is A-OK! It's a way of life for some of them already, anyway...
Yeah - my laughter reverberated with that news bit... What else to do at the face of such nonsensical administering of "justice"...?!?

And then, it was with the quacks that it came again! I couldn't help but to laugh at this one too: DOC MAILLOUX, a sort of cross between Dr. Phil and the Mad Scientist of your choice, was finally barred from practicing. He will continue, however, to ramble on the radio where he dispenses his very odd brand of "professional advice".
Seeing him again made me think of another quack shrink who was in the news for daring to be found lamenting, on camera, that his government is cutting funding for the public health sector (especially in the mental health department) with the result that more of the mentally ill will be found 'out on the streets' instead of being strapped to a bed and forgotten there...? Gee, and we are talking about a society where there are already vast amounts of wackos and nutsos to be found on the loose...! A society that denounces crimes against humanity also - just ask Amnesty International... (And, no - those nutsos I mention, those that are 'on the loose', are not to be found blogging; they're "out on the field"... Preying - among us...)
What was so striking was that DOC MAILLOUX and that other nameless shrink both strike me as the archetypical -and, yes, stereotypical- shrinks WHO LOOK, SOUND AND ACT EVEN CRAZIER THAN THEIR CRAZIEST PATIENTS DO! But I digress...

All of this must be part of the joys of having international cable access - or a satellite dish - allocating you with the privilege of accessing the bizarre world we live in in various substratas of it - all in decay I'd say...

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