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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Saints & Angels: The TLB Prime Series

Can we become angels when we die?
I have to answer emphatically - no!
We can aspire to saintliness though - and, paradoxically enough, Jesus taught us that we can even aspire to PERFECTION - did He not tell us to be as perfect as our Celestial Father Is? Did He not inspire us to forgive, forget, turn the other cheek and even allow the bad guys to have a semblance of victory over us?
Did He not certify that the Kingdom of God belongs to the persecuted, the meek, the afflicted and the lame?
What - you wanted to be the "king of the world" down here, and then get the rolled carpet treatment once you ascended? (You may get all that, mind you - but that would be after you've descended...! They have carpets down there too - and red is their favorite color! But that is another story - after all, this is "Saints & Angels on The Luminous Blog" and not "Sinners & Demons on The Ludicrous Blog" - right? So, let's move on...!)

There was no greater man than John The Baptist - but he was of lesser importance than the most infinitesimal soul in Heaven! That means ANGELS folks!
Angeldom cannot be bestowed upon you, unlike what the likes of Clarence of "It's A Wonderful Life" fame might have you believe! It is not a promotion that one can hope to get - even though a wordsmith like me succumbs to the inherent and indelible charm of the expression "to earn one's wings" - they CANNOT BE EARNED. They cannot be BOUGHT either - and they cannot even be INHERITED, much less legated...
God created one batch of his favored creatures - and some went rotten!
God created man - and so many of them went bad it isn't even funny anymore!
God created the lesser creatures of all - and He Is not disappointed with those - at all! Animals have never fallen so far from The Plan and so down in the gutter as man and that original bad bunch of fallen angels did... No wonder they still hold up high in God's Esteem!

No to say that there aren't saints among the human race today; for every 100 soulless sinners, there's 10 viable candidates for sainthood today!
Likewise, for every 100 fallen angels, there remained in the Kingdom of God 1000s upon 1000s of faithful angels!
(Hmm... this is sounding like an edition of Statistics Sundays - but we're not Sunday today, are we?)
How do I know all that, you ask?
Is it all fairytale material, asks the Drogo fan club president...
No - it isn't.
The ratio of soulless vs.saints is easy enough to verify, I do believe...
As for the angels and demons - ask your ever-popular Mr. Brown!

And the surefire bets for immediate admission (back) into Heaven/Paradise?
That's right - Mr. Felix, Puppy Love and Monsieur Snuggles!
Heck - even a crocodile has more chances than some individuals in suit and tie out there...! I could tell you - but I won't! ;)

No snakes though - under ANY circumstances!
Thank you!


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