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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Is it so hard to ask around for proper guidance these days?
Of course, in these days of individualism and "me-myself-and-I" prevailing with near-absolutism, maybe it really is too darn difficult to ask anyone for the slightest bit of help - since everyone else will likely be found to be twice as self-absorbed as yourself! Such is the world today...!

Some examples of peeps who should have tried, still, against all odds and -maybe- hope too:

-MySpace's friendly exec, Tom (is it?) - he should have asked a true Frenchman to translate this bit right here: "des explications sur les tags basiques d’HTML" - he would have then found out that it should have read "des explications sur les données de base en HTML" (although "tags" can also be translated into "onglets" in another context...!)
I'll take this opportunity right here to lambaste the "CSS man" - a friend of Tom's- who dares either lampoon or outright rip-off my trademark Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ signature by signing off his sporadic stuff quite anonymously indeed (but never luminously) with simply "(^o^)"...
I should sue you, CSS man! *lol* But I won't! (\ô/)

-Florida voters might not have learned their lesson yet - but I tell you, snowbird-lovers and hurricane survivors - if you suspect that those gusts of wind that sweep down upon you with frightening regularity have rattled your brains in the slightest way (not to mention co-habitating with those slimey snowbirds...) - YOU MUST SEEK COUNSELING BEFORE HEADING OUT FOR VOTING AGAIN!
Nobody wants to blame it on you folks once again when the wrong guy (or gal) gets the four-year mandate, but...

-One last category before I have to fly outta here...
Whoever has the time to come up with these intricate designs (see below) using only what a standard keyboard has to offer...
___________@@@@@@___________@@ @
________@@@__ ______@@_____@@@@@@@

________ GO BRUINS GO! ________
...._______ ..__________....._____
_______/ .- , '_________`. -. ..____
_______.. ` /`__________' .. ' /____
_________|____, '(_)`.____|_________
_________..___( ._|_. )___/_______
__________..___`.__, '___/_______
__________.-`._______, '-._______
________, '__, '___`-'___`.__`.____
_____, '____/_____________..___`._
___, '_____|______________|_____`.
__|_____, '|______o_______|`._____|
___`.__, '_.-..____________/-._`.__, '
_________/_`._________, '__.._______
__.""-._, '______`._:_, '_______`., -"".
_/_, -._`_______)___(________'_, -.__.
(_(___`._____, '_____`.______, '___)_)
_.._..____..__, '________`.____/___/_/
__`.`._, '_/_____________..__`._, ', '_
___`.__.-'______________`-.___, '__
__________ GO BRUINS GO! __________

Well... You must be a die-hard fan of the classic Hasbro Lite-Brite thingie - on top of a die-hard Bruins fan, buddy! ;)
Although BOTH are quite compatible with The Luminous Blog,
I must still say that...
People like you need only ask around for other people's ideas on how to find more practical hobbies! Hobbies that may yet change things around the world more concretely, y'know what I mean?
Volunteering is a good start! :)

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