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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

YOU are WRONG - I say! ;)

And I dare say this on the day that the following can be found on the luminous blog's very own luminous sidebar (extended for your 3 "e"s - entertainment, education and elation - I might also add while I'm at it! But I digress...)
Word of the Day
Definition: (noun) A journalist who writes editorials.
Synonyms: columnist
Usage: He grew so weary of armchair-general editorialists that he stopped reading the Op-Ed pages altogether and picked up a book on political theory.

I do view most of my 900+ posts here on TLB Prime (as well as the bulk of the rest of them found throughout the TLB Network) as, essentially, just that; editorials!
I am being, acting as, writing as and exasperating some as an editorialist here!
And to see this now - on my own luminous sidebar...!
Don't ALL go pick up a book about politics all at once now...!
(Hmm - almost made the typo "poilitics" - how telling! For politicians are indeed nothing but "des grosses bibittes à poil"... But I am digressing once again...)
And a book about politics it had to be? POLITICS? Yecchhh! Pick up a book about cooking - gardening - anything "-ing" - BUT NOT POLITICS!!!
Seeing this generated automatically on my own site's sidebar (thanks a lot, "Free Dictionary" - you dicks! *LOL*) is still not as bad as the time when Google, via its Adsense nonsense, generated an ad promoting atheism of all things on MY SITE (a recognized bulwark of defense for Faith and Christianity which champions the Word and smites all forms of unbelief and assorted wickedness - worldwide! By now I think it certainly is - aye! ;)
Now THAT was a definite faux pas - and the reason why Google Adsense nonsense has remained at the bottom of this blog to this day - despite all the changes I have made to it...! (I am not in this TLB Prime thing for the money, that is for sure! I see it as a sort of MISSION I carry out now! ;)

To the rest of you who will NOT do such a folly as to tune out, log off and pick up crap in print - and will instead remain here, in the heart of Luminous Land - sticking around TLB Prime for more luminous wit on display - well then, here goes the exposure of just some of the wrongest assertions made recently or not-so recently by many souls that remain
in the dark; courtesy of luminous me! ;)

To the economy "expert" who stated that "generally, it is people who own their homes that do better with their financial administering"...


Many LOSE their homes - unable to make their payments on the damnable mortgage that they obtained from some accursed financing institution just like the one that employs YOU, you despicable so-called "expert" you...!
If owning a home is so damn good, why is it that ALL retirees are advised to SELL THEIR HOMES (rather than allow their heirs to inherit it and then squander it all themselves!) and they then move into a pricey condominium *built exclusively for the elderly clientèle* where they further squander EVERY LAST PENNY THEY SAVED IN THEIR LIFETIME - AS WELL AS EVERYTHING THEY GET FROM THEIR PENSIONS!
Is ANY of THAT an example of "wise financial administering" - UH?!?
I say thee NAY!

To the so-called "expert prognosticators" who were all so convinced that Eddie Murphy was going to win an Oscar this year...


The year that Murphy wins one will be the year that Jim Carrey wins one too - and maybe the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Rosie Perez and Rosie Motene (you all thought I was going to round it up with Roseanne Barr - didn't you? *LOL*) - and THAT will be an extremely COLD DAY IN HELL, folks!
Hell being a cold place though, unable to "freeze over" since the Lake of Fire isn't "open for business" yet - any one of these four might be given one of these damn statuettes eventually...
It shall be on the eve of Armageddon then...?
You shall take it as a sign of The End approaching! ;)

To the moronic medecine men who still allow themselves to be "won over" by pharmaceutical giants' "incentives" to push their products down the throats of their poor unsuspecting patient patients...


Playing God may be where you get your kicks - but you can expect to get less pleasant kicks (like, in the face, in the ribs and in your sorry rear end!) from your patients' disgruntled loved ones - people like ME, who hate your callous guts more than even the unloved blood of your blood can ever be able to!
Playing fire with your patients' health and VERY LIVES is simply NOT the way to go - lest you want to go way ahead of your time too!
Playing around with the medication that one patient is accustomed to, just to "leave your imprint" on everyone you "touch" is risky business - you can't do that, especially not when you know about as much about that patient's history as any moron off the street knows about the history of world politics after having spent 15 minutes perusing a damn book on the subject!!!

I do not simply say thee nay, quacks and other wackos - I say CURSE YOU!
To hell, when it is finally open for business! ;)
Should follow right after Judgment Day - be PATIENT now! ;)
You sure want
us to be!
Your turn now - charlatans with degrees and diplomas!
Regulated, certified and authorized ASSASSINS!
(Think I'm tough on them here? You should see how virulent I am... ah... elsewhere, on the TLB Network! ;)
Where, exactly?
Well - that would be telling! ;)

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