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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hmm... Are they talking about the 3-1 loss to the Boston Bruins that the Montreal Canadiens aka the Habs aka the Hab-Nots just suffered...? They actually struggled to score A SINGLE GOAL - and it was a lucky one at that! Sheesh - some highlights there!


La nuit tous les chats sont blancs
(an article by Mathilde Singer on WWW.VOIR.CA - by the way, Mathilde, it should be either "la nuit, tous les chats sont gris" or "la nuit où tous les chats sont blancs" there... Yeah - really! Oui - vraiment! Ne me remercie pas...)

La Nuit blanche du Festival Montréal en lumière est de retour! Avis à tous les noctambules, ouvrez grand vos oreilles et préparez-vous à danser.

Dans la nuit du 25 au 26 février, il y en aura pour tous les goûts. Les amateurs de chanson québécoise s'en donneront à cœur joie dès 21h à la Salle des Pas perdus de la Place des Arts en assistant à l'enregistrement de l'émission Fréquence libre, animée par Monique Giroux. Au programme: une foule d'artistes francophones comme Karkwa, Thomas Hellman, Jamil, Yann Perreau, Antoine Gratton, Marc Déry, Catherine Durand, Béatrice Bonifassi et bien d'autres viendront interpréter leurs chansons préférées

Hmm - is this the same event I bashed a few weeks ago - the one that had Misia coming to Canada when they have similar local artists they never give enough exposure to over there?!?
The one that had Amanda Plummer on stage - lone thespian among singers and musical performers...?
All that illogical organization could trigger many sleepless nights (the true definition of a "nuit blanche"...) but I think all of that escapes the grasp of the organizers here...

There is worse, of course, to theorize around this (as there always is whenever Montreal is involved) - another cause for many a sleepless night "à Montréal" would be the fact that the social services employees have actually voted today in favor of a full-fledged STRIKE that would deprive the most needy of all in the not-so fair city of all the so-called "help", "services" and "assistance" that the damnable "social services" are purported to provide them...! Yet one more reason to hate "Montréal" - thankfully, singer Ariane Moffat will not be performing at tonight's all-night long "sort-of-festival" - otherwise, the moment she'd begin her silly "Je reviens à Montréal" song, she'd be pummeled by tomatoes...!!!

So, I'll fall back on the pleasant theory that all of Montreal will go through another "nuit blanche" because they lost so decisively to the superior Boston Bruins - who have a better goaltender, better coach, faster-grittier players up and down their line-up... And the Bruins actually improved their team at the trading deadline - not the other way around as the pathetic Canadiens did...!

Bonne Nuit - Canadiens! :)

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