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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

D.B. Redux - Courtesy Of L.P. & YT...!

Is this Luminous Luciano?
Is this Lucian, sardonic poet of yesteryear,
somehow still "with us"...?
Is this the mythical
"Misunderstood Genius" -
caught on photo, again somehow,
in his... garage?

Nooooo - it is merely Daniel Bélanger
Québec has in songwriting talent.
Only the deaf and the dumb
(not to mention the belle and the bum,
the blind and the bat,
and the vain and the scum!)
will even "THINK" otherwise...
(Then again,
they know not how to truly
They sure don't know what to think
when they're faced with this:

"Six milliards de solitudes..." -
six milliards de conards, oui!

Daniel Bélanger
a luminous artist
worthy of being showcased
again and again
on the Luminous Blog!
(Unlike some other artists...)

Nota Bene:
that should have been
"... chantent..."
(And THAT, Bruno...
and Daniel BOUCHER...
(never to be mistaken with BÉLANGER)...
is ODD... and/or "pourri"!)

went through this "phase" himself
but waaay back in 1992...!
And he did so with flying colors
Not so easy to do
when one is ENSORCELÉ...
(Ok - the song's really ENSORCELÉE...
Like somebody's career seems to be...
À bon "entendeuse" - salut!)

These days, good old D.B. is way ahead of the curve
He is not dressing up in halloween costumes
singing insignificant songs... No.
He is a visionary artist
with a repertoire evermore so full of meaning
with a deep soul
and nothing but contempt
for materialism, consumerism, injustice...
All that the other guys are a-ok with - eh?
that says it all...

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