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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Don't Give Up... Don't Even Think Of Giving Up...


Don't Give Up
No - Never Give Up
Either hope or courage

Not When Your Strength Seems
All But Gone...
Not When Your Whole World
Appears To Be Crumbling
All Around You...

Not When The Tears
Won't Stop
Or Won't Come...

Not When Your Thirst
Knows No Quenching
Nor Your Hunger
Any Assuaging

Not Even When Your Breathing
Becomes Increasingly
More And More Difficult
And Painful
With Every Passing Moment...

Don't Contemplate Giving Up
When They Are All Against You
And None Seems To See The True You

Don't Think Of Giving Up
Not Even When The End Is Said
To Be Near
For You

Don't Buy It -
You Know Better

Don't Give Up


Fight Back

Fight With Resolve
Fight With Purpose
Fight With Poise
Fight With Resilience
Fight With Patience
Fight With Sweetness
Fight With Acceptance
Fight With Love
Fight With Silence
Fight With The Truth

Fight With Faith
Fight With Hope
Fight With Grace
Fight With Prayer
Fight With Obedience
Fight With Light
Fight With Luminescence

All Of These Tools
-Not Weapons-
He Will Provide You With

(Not Groban!)

Your Heavenly Father

Who Loved You Into Existence

Who Loved You
Since The Dawn Of Time

Who Loves You Truly Unconditionally

Who Loves You For All Of Eternity

And Who Will Raise You Again
To Spend All Of Eternity With His Faithful
So That You May Glorify Him Forevermore

For His Is The Glory

With No Equal


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All Images Belong To All Of Their Rightful Owners.


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A courageous example of someone NOT GIVING UP...


Woman Hit With One-Two Punch And Swinging Back

Posted Thursday, September 14, 2006 ; 06:13 PM

Diana Bird-Pauley is fighting after losing two sons tragically.

Story by Kristen Sell Email | Bio

A Putnam County mother says she has been hit with a one-two punch -- and now she's swinging back. Tragedy struck Diana Pauley's family forcing her to put the pieces back together -- in her life and her granddaughter's.

"I just want my baby back. I just want my boys back..." Pauley says.

At age 19 Greg Bird was diagnosed bi-polar and schizophrenic. So after his brother's unexpected death, mother Pauley wasn't surprised when be began spiraling out of control.

She says, "I knew it was the bipolar and I knew it was the schizophrenia Greg couldn't handle anymore and I begged him, Greg let me get you some help."

One a routine traffic stop Friday near his home in Indiana, Greg exited his truck with a knife. That's when a state trooper shot and killed him.

"He was nothing but a teddy bear," his wife, Diana Rae-Bird says. "He wouldn't hurt anybody..."

Pauley says just days before, she went to the Putnam County Courthouse to get Greg a mental health hearing. She says she was turned away because he wasn't a county resident.

But Putnam County Mental Hygiene Commissioner, Shawn Bayliss, says "whether or not the person is an actual resident of this county is not really the issue, its weather or not they are found in this county."

Only four months ago, Pauley laid her son Lonnie to rest at Tyler Mountain Cemetery in Cross Lanes. Greg will join his brother there, but Pauley says she will not lay him to rest in vein, or without a fight.

"My son will not go in that grave without me fighting to help some other family not go through what were going through. I will fight until the day they put me beside my boys."

Greg Bird's funeral is tomorrow at Chapman Funeral Home in Teays Valley. It's not clear where his 8-year-old daughter Jesse will go. She was from a previous marriage, and Greg had sole custody.

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