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Sunday, October 07, 2007

La Fête Des Anges...

Yesterday, they celebrated angels
all across the world, they did, yes;
in France, Belgium, Canada...
A special breed of angels, aye -
on this day dubbed as the date for
"La Fête des Anges"...
Tha angels they were all celebrating
honoring and fondly remembering
were those unborn and still-born children
who were never tainted by human frailties
and remained, therefore, angels true and true.
Some never made it out of the womb alive -
the umbilical cord formed a tight noose
around their tender tiny necks
and they suffocated where their earthly lives
were in fact beginning...
A few made it out alive -
but were called back to heaven
shortly after their birth to humankind...

The first Saturday of October
has been selected as the international day
to remember and to mourn
these little angels -
their bereaved parents, oftentimes,
could not even hold them at all...
But they are remembered
and symbolically honored
by balloons, released into the air
with each infant's name
inscribed upon them...

I found it especially touching
that they chose to do that
on top of St-Joseph's Oratory
as far as the North American
contingent is concerned...
The Oratory - again -
being my father's favorite place
in all of Montreal...
And had the roles been reversed,
he would have been among these
loving emotional parents
who do remember
who can easily see,
in their mind's eye,
their child now in the Heavens above
as a little cherub, carefree
and full of joy.
Why not, agnostic, skeptic and other
unbelieving ones -
you too would be full of joy
if you could readily escape
all of thy earthly troubles
before they even began...!
Now we must endure
because he are here -
no cowardly exits allowed!
Nothing holding us from asking for some help
- heavenly assistance is readily available...

free music

God's Ways Are Only His
to understand...


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