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Friday, November 02, 2007

There's nothing gloomy about ALL-SOULS' DAY, baby!

The Church must have thought that All-Hallows' Eve and All-Souls Day (aka the Day of the Dead) nestled on the ol' calendar BACK TO BACK was a tad too much on the morbid side - so they split them up by inserting the very wholesome ALL-SAINTS DAY (yesterday) right in-between the two (by the way, where I come from, All-Saints Day is known as "La Toussaint" - one word made out of "Tous Les Saints" which is, literally, "All The Saints" - this just to say that it is not only the little boogers today that make up new words at the drop of a needle; the little boogers of yesteryear also made them up, all the time! ;)
But I am digressing here, aren't I...

Every year even I, as luminous as I may be, I find myself also in doubt in regards to what day follows the "un-holiday" known to most as Halloween and to others as All-Hallows' Eve - as the EVE part there, as surely as hell will burn for all eternity, implies that, immediately after that day, it should be the Day of the Dead indeed!
I get a good ten seconds of confusion there, hence, every damn year - until I remember that those Church-enforced rules must be still, ah, enforced - indeed!
The Vatican does have an ARMY, after all - it is a funny-looking army with just about zero firepower and a whole lot rides on, what-do-you-know, FAITH... But they have guards - legions of devoted and devout souls - and they've got CONNECTIONS in VERY HIGH PLACES TOO...! ;)

And you thought nobody listened to the Church anymore - thank God it is not the case, at all, you unbeliever you!! ;)

So, as a friend of mine said today, ALL HAIL THE DEAD; the *good* dead, that is! Those saintly men and saintly women who left us behind to be with their Maker - may they put in a good word for us as we are supposed to pray for them too...!
Because, you see, what differenciates the "good" dead from the bad rotten variety, is that the "good" dead looks back and worries (sometimes they're even tormented) by the thought of those loved ones left behind to fend for themselves...
Especially in the light of times of Tribulation that lie still ahead... NO good father, mother, brother, sister, spouse or friend will leave behind a loved one without worrying how that loved one will manage in his or her absence...
Our prayers will help alleviate such worries and torments, yes! (After all, if we have time to pray and devote to GOD above all, we must doing okay - EH?)

In sharp contrast, the "bad" dead look back in mere resentment that they no longer breathe while WE still do! They'll look back in anger and wish us nothing but ill - heck, those are the wicked spirits that haunt places, usually...!

Hmm... this is sounding more like something about Halloween than either Saints or Souls in general...!!!
Mea Culpa! :!

In conclusion: the Day of the Dead -
the day in which we realize that, no matter how many of us there are and even if we get to be 7 billion... 10 billion... 15 billion - the dead will always outnumber us by a wider-than-wide margin! :!

We might as well make buddies with them; and the way to do that is very simple too! ;)
You drink a brewski for someone that you know loved having one! You indulge in treating yourself in the exact same way someone who departed used to do when they were alive (on this earth, rather - they are "truly alive" when they shed their mortal coil and are purely spiritual; IMHO! They are even more "alive" when they are spiritual and living In The Spirit! Ask your local pastor what that means! ;)

You pay homage - show your respect - commemorate someone by partying in his or her name...!
They'll be there too - in spirit! ;)

Mexicans know how to do this - they mastered this to the utmost perfection! Aye, they party hardy on this day down in Mexico - much better than we may on Halloween here...!

But that is another story!

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Hello Luciano,

It's been a long time since I commented here. Sorry about that.

I usually forget about all saints day. I didn't grow up around the Catholic church, so didn't celebrate that day, or the day of the dead.

I was taught that Halloween was an evil day, for satanists and pagans.

You have educated me on the truth of those days. Thank you.

Pagans will insist their "Samhain" (pronounced sowhein, if memory serves me right) is A-OK and pretty much innocuous...

Anyway - this year, I chose to focus on the day itself, not merely the EVE...!

The Day of the Dead is where it's at!

All-Saints Day is like... well, the Oscars gala night for sainthood!
What's not to like about that! ;)

But the Day of the Dead is pretty close to that too; anyway, I would think the living would have the good taste and plain common sense of honoring only the memory of the *good ones* on that day - and none of the rotten apples that are... well, rotting in hell!

Although there is no hell yet - the Lake of Fire's brimstone has not yet been ignited!

The barbecue to end all barbecues will only be set ablaze by the Judge of Judges and King of Kings (the true one now - not Helmsley!) on Judgment Day...

But that is another story...

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