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Monday, December 31, 2007

Three Luminous Wishes For The New Year



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To those wondering "why no good health or abundance wishes in there, luminous?", I say this:

One has to be careful what words one chooses, even on such merry occasions, yes...

To use the phrasing "I wish you health and abundance in the new year" to someone who is ill and poor risks flustering much more than it does any good...

One cannot remind someone else of what he or she is lacking - to do so, even in the context of well-wishing, is downright cruel.

We don't overemphasize CHRIST in Christmas Day festivities, not to alienate other faiths - we must, by all means, apply the same logic here and now, on New Year's Eve!

We are in a politically correct world or not?

Hence, for all these reasons, one should omit the health question entirely. Same thing for the wealth part, of course. Since we cannot be more specific and say something like "I wish you a full and complete recovery and/or remission this coming year" or "May you recover from that bankruptcy in 2008, recoup most if not all of your losses and get back on your feet!" - we MUST stick to the P.C. approach; and that means generalities or my recourse (the luminous one!) and that means OMISSION!

There are ways to palliate to both aspects, with the three suggestions I make instead: FAITH, LOVE and PEACE.

For, with FAITH, one can accept whatever hardships comes our way, be it financial ruin or even grave disease. With LOVE, one will survive ANYTHING. And with PEACE, one can easily accommodate oneself of whatever our present situation may be.

Aye, this is the best tri-formula to use as you wish your fellow man and woman a happy new year; instead of wishing them one filled with material abundance, deceiving for it is so very fleeting 'rock-solid health' and joy bordering upon folly, wish them FAITH, LOVE and PEACE. All three breed HOPE - and that is the key for survival.

It is the same concept as teaching a man to fish instead of giving him a fish, as to feed him for one day only. Teaching him will effectively set him up for life - so should we spread the seeds for permanent wellness, not merely a temporary one.

This is too good to keep as just a comment here!

I'm posting it as a full-fledged BLOG POST - on some other blog (hint: NOT "powered by Blogger", no!)


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