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Friday, January 18, 2008

Recurring Themes - Recurring Themes Everywhere

Is there a more recurring theme in popular fiction than redemption? Everyone seeks to redeem himself - reassert himself, either through revenge or rectification of a past mistake or wrong-doing, no matter who committed the bad deed...
Making things right is the absolute best thing there is - nothing tops it, not even the all-american rightful quest for prosperity, happiness and blissful mating!

Seeing these age-old themes, repackaged and represented an infinite amount of times since the dawn of time really, can make one come to the simplest of conclusions: what has preoccupied humankind since time immemorial remains the very basic same thing. And no amounts of "progress", in whatever field, will ever change that. At the core, what drives us all remains the same thing since eons back - and to say otherwise is to be guilty of vanity - for we truly, deep down, do not have any pre-eminence over beasts, as a passage of the Good Book says so eloquently!
(Yeah, so, it is one of those passages that apparently contradicts an earlier passage... But really - the Earth of the Book of Genesis is not the same Earth we now have; different rules can thus apply!)

A Frenchman has it all figured out - from the male standpoint, anyhow. Alain Souchon is a singer/songwriter and he wrote a song stating that all that Man does -whatever it is that Man has ever built, really- it is all done for one ultimate goal in mind indeed: "regarder sous les jupes des filles".
That means to peek under the girls' skirts! Mini-skirts, preferably... (What to do when they wear jeans? The song doesn't say...)

From the woman's point of view, I guess it is their biological clock that explains a little and a lot of THEIR erratic behaviour... LOL

But men have waged wars over every reason there is - including that time when a pretty face was the sole true cause to launch a thousand ships - and lose many more soldiers in senseless battle! So "erratic" has no gender - understand me there!

We all have a deeply-ingrained intrinsic sense of what is important and what is more trivial in our lives - no matter what culture we adhere to, it is basically the same for all.

There is something there...!
And maybe all it tells us is that we should not nitpick as we do... hmm?


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