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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Showtime, Folks


And, once again, watching some TV to kill time, I've just seen the anchorman turn to the authority on the subject (one of them anyway; in this instance it's the boring spokesman for the Planetarium de Montreal!) who quickly notes that, around 10pm and until roughly 11pm, when we do see the moon getting colorful (either a bright orange or a blood-red, uh, red!) it will simply be due to the fact that light emanating from US, from the Earth, will be illuminating the moon, for once... Nothing more to it there, folks! How's that for turning the tables, eh? And so, the hidden message is loud and clear here: don't even think for a SECOND that it's the end of the world being announced on the greatest marquee of all there - even if the moon is crimson and cloverish! Nope, folks; it is NOT the end and no big deal at all!

Well, astronomer dude, think about it for two seconds instead of being the automaton that repeats ad nauseam what you've been taught...

Ever since lunar eclipses have occurred and been chronicled, the Earth has CHANGED. You're with me on that, so far? Good!

The light pollution has grown exponentially - and it is not the only form of pollution at all that has multiplied on our pathetic planet, of course...

So, the prophecy you dread so much that you have to explain to the masses, each time there is a lunar eclipse, WHY the moon turns a certain color, CANNOT be discounted... And, in fact, it is VALIDATED! For it said that, when the moon would turn BLOOD RED, the End would be imminent. And, quite obviously, it is the end of Earth, not the end of the moon! Since the light emanating from the EARTH will in effect accomplish the color scheme that the moon will get for an hour's time (just about) we can therefore assess that the next few lunar eclipses should be THE "blood-red moon" the prophecy alluded to, for the light coming through our atmosphere as the sun is in our back NOW is very different from both the light and the atmosphere we had during all the previous lunar eclipses! The planet wasn't the same (it wasn't even remotely as polluted as it is TODAY) - and the sun itself wasn't as old or as prone to flare ups! NOW we can truly expect THE blood-red moon OF SIGNIFICANCE... Ominous significance and foreboding indeed, aye!

Me, I can only imagine how magnificent these astral events look to those floating out there already - the free-roaming spirits of our departed ones who are themselves among these astral bodies, now... They have a front row seat for these things - they must be ever moreso awed at the magnificence of the Creator's Creation!
And, maybe, they're in on certain things in regards to the true significance of such things too...!

Evidence in the past (as analyzed by our earthbound eyes, evidently) points at events of magnitude (and of nefarious results) occuring after lunar eclipses that were only "bright orange" at best, to boot...

When the moon is truly BLOODSHOT, expect REAL trouble, folks!
THEN and ONLY THEN, yes!

(That could well be the case the next time we have a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE - conveniently enough, that will only be in 2010...)

The book has already been written about it - but certainly reality will ECLIPSE fiction, once again! ;)

I reserve the right to pen a new tome on the subject myself, regardless!

We all know there is a time-limit on everything anyways: even the sun has one. The planet we're on, the body we're in, the craziness that passes for politics - everything will END.

Why not have it announced on such a marquee sign as the MOON, hmm?

And you know me - I am all for the moon! I plead to reflect the Light as the moon reflects the sun... I prefered Moonbase Alpha over the starship Enterprise... I like every song that has the moon mentioned in it!

Cyrano said that, upon his demise, he'd join Socrates and other great thinkers on the MOON: they could most likely roam way further, but the moon is the ideal sitting and vantage point from which they could all continue to scrutinize the folly of man, fine observers that they all are...

And man's folly WILL bring about the END - that is if GOD Does Not Decide to End It All First!

With all that in mind...
Enjoy the lunar eclipse! :)




This will be your last chance to see a total lunar eclipse before December 2010.

» Saturn, Regulus also visible

Lunar eclipse to occur Wednesday night

By ALICIA CHANG, AP Science Writer Tue Feb 19, 7:48 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - The last total lunar eclipse until 2010 occurs Wednesday night, with cameo appearances by Saturn and the bright star Regulus on either side of the veiled full moon.

Skywatchers viewing through a telescope will have the added treat of seeing Saturn's handsome rings.

Weather permitting, the total eclipse can be seen from North and South America. People in Europe and Africa will be able to see it high in the sky before dawn on Thursday.

As the moonlight dims — it won't go totally dark — Saturn and Regulus will pop out and sandwich the moon. Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo.

Jack Horkheimer, host of the PBS show "Star Gazer," called the event "the moon, the lord of the rings and heart of the lion eclipse."

Wednesday's event will be the last total lunar eclipse until Dec. 20, 2010. Last year there were two.

The weather could be a spoiler for many in the United States. Cloudy skies are expected for most of the Western states with a chance of snow from the heartland to the East Coast, said Stuart Seto of the National Weather Service.

"It looks like it's going to be a hard one to spot," Seto said.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon passes into Earth's shadow and is blocked from the sun's rays that normally illuminate it. During an eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon line up, leaving a darkened moon visible to observers on the night side of the planet.

The moon doesn't go black because indirect sunlight still reaches it after passing through the Earth's atmosphere. Since the atmosphere filters out blue light, the indirect light that reaches the moon transforms it into a reddish or orange tinge, depending on how much dust and cloud cover are in the atmosphere at the time.

Wednesday's total eclipse phase will last nearly an hour. Earth's shadow is expected to blot out the moon beginning around 7 p.m. on the West Coast and 10 p.m. on the East Coast. West Coast skygazers will miss the start of the eclipse because it occurs before the moon rises.

Unlike solar eclipses which require protective eyewear, lunar eclipses are safe to view with the naked eye.

Later this year, in August, there will be a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse.


On the Net:

NASA's lunar eclipse page:

Gee... Only an hour!

Good thing I didn't watch outside, in the cold!

I wouldn't have anyway - there's not much there anyway!

I hope for more red next time!


Not content with playing God oftentimes, the U.S. wanted to upstage this lunar eclipse too, the last one before the world is REALLY going down the tubes, by the time 2010 rolls around...

(You know; after they've assassinated JFMLK aka Barack Obama, after Hillary takes over the White House, divorces and marries a woman, after Islam launches the final Jihad against the infidel USA... And after everyone's nukes, bio and chemical weapons explode in everyone's faces! All this, within 2 years time - yes WE CAN do it! But that is another story...)

Navy missile hits spy satellite

AP Military Writer
32 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - A missile launched from a Navy ship successfully struck a dying U.S. spy satellite passing 130 miles over the Pacific on Wednesday, a defense official said. Full details were not immediately available.

It happened just after 10:30 p.m. EST.

Two officials said the missile was launched successfully. One official, who is close to the process, said it hit the target. He said details on the results were not immediately known.

The goal in this first-of-its-kind mission for the Navy was not just to hit the satellite but to obliterate a tank aboard the spacecraft carrying 1,000 pounds of a toxic fuel called hydrazine.

U.S. officials have said the fuel would pose a potential health hazard to humans if it landed in a populated area. Although the odds of that were small even if the Pentagon had chosen not to try to shoot down the satellite, it was determined that it was worth trying to eliminate even that small chance.

Officials said it might take a day or longer to know for sure if the toxic fuel was blown up.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A defense official says a missile launched from a Navy ship in the Pacific hit the U.S. spy satellite it was targeting 130 miles above Earth's surface. Full details are not yet available.

It would have REALLY WORKED, you Pentagon pukes, if you had pretended that someone else's warhead had hit the satellite...!

Maybe next time you'll dare pretend that - it could turn into another Irak...!

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