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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Song Of Everlasting And *TRUE* Love

Click here to listen to it.
(only works using Internet Explorer - incredibly enough)

"All the while you were in front of me,
I never realized

I just can't believe I didn't see it
in your eyes

I didn't see it, I can't believe it
Oh, but I feel it
When you sing to me."

(Marc Antony, A.R.R.)

Dedicated to my
father and mother
João Jacinto (1934-2006)
and Maria Adelina

I am posting this a month ahead of the postdate
as it is already the "sad anniversary" for those of us
who cared and loved João Jacinto Pimentel.

We have been counting it in terms of months
and weeks... and days...

We feel his absence on a hourly basis
for we cared for him constantly.

And now he watches over us
every second of every day.

O Meu Santo Pai.





There have been many songs titled as such, over the years.

Most recently, the one by Rebecca St-James stands out from them all - it is a great song that deftly mixes her beliefs, her faith, Christian teachings with what many deem to be "modern themes" - and all of it wrapped neatly with a stupendous beat!

Christian Rock... rocks!

And Rebecca St-James is one of the very best from the genre.



I am typing this and it is around noonish time - inching closer to 1PM actually, but it is even better that way. For it is truly around this exact time, exactly two years ago today, that it all happened.

I prepared myself on the late side, to go see Dad at the hospital. When I got there, I found him sleeping in a strange manner - only I could tell, only I knew him well, so it was me who wound up sounding the alarm which led to CODE BLUE minutes later...

No one else in that wretched hospital would have noticed A THING, if it wasn't for me; not the nurses, head-nurse, doctors, quacks, hacks, you name them...

It was over - but I ordered them to DO SOMETHING.

And we got a short reprieve.

Six days - merely that - with Dad hooked on a respirator...

It all happened exactly two years ago - TODAY.


I remember the anguish of facing all this, alone, so vividly...

As if it was YESTERDAY - isn't that the expression?

Only, it can be said here, again, "as if it was TODAY" - for more than a single reason too.

After all, it was two years ago for me - but it was two days ago, for Dad.


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