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Saturday, December 12, 2009

*Luminous* Memory Gospel

This... is TLB Prime!
First in a series of sites collectively known as
the TLB Prime Network!
For a rudimentary first glimpse at said network
check out this profile -
hyperlinks found here as well as
on the portfolio site titled "Luminous Writings"
will lead you to realize the full breadth of this network
and see its entire scope too...!

Prepare yourselves to be dazzled
in song... word... and image!
All throughout this network, verily...!

All in the spirit of sharing Truths
and the collective memory -
and speaking of which...

Images Put To The Music By Moby (Of The Same Name)
The Greatest B-Side Ever, For My Money - "Memory Gospel"

(See the playlist below, actually...!)

(What Did I Tell You About Never Dismissing B-Sides
And Tracks 9 Through 13
On Any Given CD - Hmm?
But that is another story...!)

This Trip Down Memory Lane Is Brought To You In Conjunction With
The Saudades Blog
- as it well has to be!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Luminous Playlist above
includes the immortal track
right here:

'Tis either a fan of mine

or the actor chosen to portray *me* -


Luciano Pimentel -
aka Luminous Luciano
your friendliest superhero!
(For, as you can well see,
my stunt double is running
to a crime scene -
to be of some succor,
I'm always there to help, too!
Never mind that my stunt double,
in fact, really looks like
a former colleague of mine
and not me at all!
But it is another story too...)

My personal anthem sure is
a tad bittersweet though...!

Aye -
It comes with the territory!

One cannot reach out for
without having to make
several sacrifices...

Luminance is not
easily obtained -
not even by proxy!

even when one uses mirrors
(but never any smoke -
never! TLB Prime is,
quite mercifully,
a no-smoking zone!)
Luminosity, hence,
is not for all...


Many are those, out there,
who would agree with such a statement -
many of them are on my side,
many more are my adversaries...!
They have my number and I have theirs...!

But I am digressing now...

It's all good, still -
as long as my memory doesn't play tricks on me!
It won't, either, mind you;
this last bit (about adversity and such)
is purely rhetorical, really...!
Just make sure you listen to
Memory Gospel
while you browse around here...!

***Luminous Loitering!***

God Bless!

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It has occurred to me that, in this day and age, there might be some among my readily reachable L.O.A. (luminous online audience) that may not have ever experienced what a "B-side" is...!

For these and anyone else reading - here is an infinitesimal history of the B-side!

There once was a new toy created: the gramophone (some call it phonograph - but I much rather prefer gramophone!)

Without the creation of this great new toy, circa 1890, there would have been no music industry! OR... It would have been in a very dire situation - much worse than it is now, with the advent of all this "file sharing" and mp3 crap...! But I am digressing...

The first record was called a L.D.R. - no ancestor to the VCR, the lateral disc record was really the prototype of all the analogue disc records made of vinyl that followed: 78 rpm, 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm... etc!

That lasted only for a time though; the middle of the 20th Century, basically - as the CD took over later in that one and is now the sole campione...!

However, during its brief grip on all that was music, the vinyl record created a phenomenon: the hit single.

Most artists lived and died by that: all they wanted to produce was ONE HIT - ONE HUGE HIT! It was normally more than enough to insure residual income for a LIFETIME - although that turned out to be not all that it was quacked up to be either - but that is another digression right there...!

The prehistoric 78 rpm disappeared - leaving its spot to the 33 1/3 rpm (faster... stronger? Better?!?) which was quickly misused big time by most would-be profiteers; a whole album was made up, oftentimes of ten lousy songs and ONE (would-be) HIT. Sometimes it worked - other times it didn't!

The 45 rpm became a SAMPLER - a key component of the whole process to snag fans into buying the album too! "Collect 'em all" mentality started to blossom as well when several 45 rpm began to feature, on the reverse side of the tinier vinyl disc, an "exclusive song" not to be found anywhere else - not even on the original album!

Thus was born the "b-side" folks!

Over the years, many great b-sides came to light - mostly, though, tons of throwaway songs were placed there too...! (Thus proving how much the music industry's moguls can be bumbling fools! You do not showcase your best stuff side-by-side with dreck, if you hope to sell complete compilations of the very same artist's material, later on...! Sheesh!)

The wiser ones made an intelligent use of this tool, while it lasted: putting on their "b-sides" experimental material, catchy tunes or outright great songs that they knew (knowing another breed of moron well: the radio broadcast idiotus) would NEVER get to be played on the airwaves...

Thus began the hunt for great b-sides, for all connaisseurs...!

It migrated from 45 rpm vinyl disc onto cassette form - until both became obsolete with the advent of the compact disc.

Moby's album (in CD format - yes) is titled "b-sides" in whimsical homage to that history, a small but important portion of music history and tradition - and you know me: I love whimsicality!


Now, Moby is absolutely RIGHT there too: an entire album (heck - several compilations!) of nothing but "b-sides" would make for GREAT music playlists!

Over the years, I've personally repertoriated several GREAT "b-sides" myself...

"Boring Dreams" was a b-side for The Guess Who's erstwhile frontman Burton Cummings' hit "Take One Away"

"Feeding The Fire" was a tremendous exclusivity found on the "b-side" of a rather forgettable hit from legendary band Genesis (though it made tons of money, I hate "Invisible Touch" - to me, it is when Genesis sold out! In THAT sense, yes!)

It wasn't the greatest of ideas either for Genesis to split up the two parts of their great DOMINO track, each part being given the dubious role of playing second fiddle to an inferior song...!

DOMINO is the last great song from Genesis, in my humble opinion - and the second greatest one after Home By The Sea.

It deserved more respect!

Alas, there was only so much room on those old 45 rpm discs - the old tiny record made of vinyl never could have withheld all ten or twelves minutes that these classic songs run in time...!

More AWESOME "b-sides" - later...
As I remember them...!

And as for the MEMORY GOSPEL aspect of things here;

Well... this is but an aspect of it, right here!


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Amazing site to be here! thanks for sharing this Luminous Science..

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Thank you, Langlay, I guess...

We already found what we were looking for - three times over, even!


This luminous post used to be the *luminous top post* meaning that it had been devised and dated as such so that it would always remain on top whenever anyone clicked on the main link to access the luminous blog's blogroll of recent posts (usually seven in total number).

That was good, dandy and just fine for my luminous BACHELOR days - but now that the luminous blogger pundit is part of a luminous couple, a new *LTP* has been created - and you can see it here of course!

It was also justified to satisfyingly represent all visions involved: as we are three, now, co-authoring this luminous blog...!

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