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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Kind Of Luminous Blabbering...!

Every warrior of the light has been afraid to enter a combat.
Every warrior of the light has betrayed and lied in the past.
Every warrior of the light has lost faith in the future.
Every warrior of the light has trodden a path which was not his own.
Every warrior of the light has suffered because of unimportant things.
Every warrior of the light has doubted that he is a warrior of the light.
Every warrior of the light has failed in his spiritual obligations.
Every warrior of the light has said yes when he meant no.
Every warrior of the light has hurt someone he loved.

That is why he is a warrior of the light: He has endured all this, and not lost the hope to improve.
-Paulo Coelho, "The Manual of the Warrior of Light"

I been reading a book about Spiritual Warriors this is written by a African American Vaishnava and also graduated of Princeton who became a true guiding light for many people around the world i most admire His simplicity and humility in talking about this matters.
I've never been really clear on just what is a "spiritual warrior". In my practice we use the term "disciple", so maybe it's the same thing, because we struggle against the Dweller on the Threshold as we make our way toward conscious awareness of ourselves as the Solar Angels (Soul on Its own plane).
Are you speaking of someone who helps other people without thought of return? Who serves Humanity in a spirit of altruism? That would be the same thing as a "disciple", so we may be talking about the same thing, only using different lingo.
The hero within...
i do not know if you are familiar with carol pearsons book the hero within-six archetypes we live by. it was written in 1944 and i have been reading and rereading it for 20yrs. anyway there is a chapter that describes the warrior within " the warrior has learned to trust their own truths and act on them with absolute conviction even in the face of danger" "They claim the authority to fight dragons and right wrongs" "They accept responsibility for what happens around them and the attitude that I must do what i can to make this a better world for myself and others"
we are all called at one time or another to be spiritual warriors, to stand and fight, sometimes to the death, for our beliefs. Martin Luther King jr is a good example of the spiritual warrior. i don't know if this helps answer any of your questions or not.
Spiritual Warrior is a contradiction in terms of the meaning of each word. Spirituality has nothing to do with war, conflict with others, weapons, etc. Warrior is about the willingness to stand up and fight for something physically and with weapons.
my opinion is being a true warrior has nothing to do with physical weapons. but this is just my opinion. i think the media has tainted our vision of what a warrior is. one can find many definitons for the word, my personal favorite is " One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause, or conflict: neighborhood warriors fighting against developers."
Physical warriors engage in physical battles with weapons of destruction and their end result is destruction. Spiritual Warriors engage in protection, righting wrongs, teaching. Nonviolent, but create change-cause people to evolve-a spiritual warriors battles create and nurture.
but if anyone finds the word offensive they have every right to use a different term.
Those are wonderfull tools of the warrior
When we reverse them we can see the weapons, of what we can call our (symbolic) foe! or if I may borrow a term- Nancy used the Dweller! If we think of this negativity more as a Loki character filled with mischief and deception-it doese not appear that powerful
There is one other, although we here, understand materialism also includes our outer shell. We can not all be marathon runners but if we are at our physical best then our power over ourselves is also at its highest!
Ill term attraction and repulsion rather than the obvious, As when we make serious progress the stakes will get higher (cosmic law)
So first aid kit- just in case!
(A)earth, (B)air, (C)fire, (D)water, (E)spirit (F) sound
(A)crystals minerals organic life, (B)inscence organic smells (C) colours temprature (D) fluids (E) will intent- already covered. focus! (F) what we say, music the sounds of our world
(A) better folk than me should say!
(B) As with the list some attract some repel -good and bad and obviously affect us also. most of them we already know or can work out! the smell of babies would bring forth positive energies as well as dispelling that which cannot concieve- whereas the smell of myrrh and frankenscence will just attract anything! Sage rosmary lavender repels all negative and binds positive.carefull though too much can relax our organs- the smell of blood attracts negative as doese the things we dont need to mention!
ive gone on too much ------ Yshua taught us much as to what to say and many other great teachers from whichever path we follow!
This is a subject, very close to my heart...
I think that in using such a name, we need to consider 'our' individually perceived concept of the term, by viewing such in the broadest sense...
This cannot be done from within a restricted mind, with blinkered vision; or from within an absolute, where nothing but conformity is considered practical or ethical ...
To be a 'Spiritual Warrior' it would seem logical for one to be outside all barriers and restrictive practices, because it is from that stance or perspective only, that a full spectrum of all that is available, can be seen and appreciated for its many or true values - in any conflict...
The first step to becoming a Spiritual Warrior, is, without doubt, the abolition of fear... For such will close many or most avenues of negative thought and practice: so detrimental to such a cause...
It also enables the conservation of positive energy, which can be used in more practical ways, to promote or further any cause; or dispel conflict: in which such a character might be engaged...
The Dweller on the Threshold is the sumtotal of all the forces of the lower nature as expressed in the personality prior to illumination. So it's more than a jokester kind of figure, it's in dead earnest to keep its position as top dog. We could, I suppose, use the term "Spiritual Warrior" to describe the one who seeks to fearlessly overcome all these lower forces.
The only problem for me is that "war" has its roots deep in matter, and is not the opposite of peace. It seems to me the concept of "spiritual warrior" may be an attempt to create an antidote for the physical violence of war. Any thoughts? Namaste
The funniest image just came to mind as I was reading over the posts. A beefeater. You know, not as in vegetarian vs. meat, but the guards in England with the tall black hats and red suits.
So this topic seems to want to have to do with those who stand their ground at all costs in the name of being the ambassadors or agents of change for a cause.
I'm thinking warrior sounds too active in the aggressive sense. One who goes out and seeks the competition. Whereas a guard would be someone who stands their ground in the face of opposition to keep the palace or individuals therein safe from harm.
How about "Spiritual Guardians" rather than "Spiritual Warriors"?
Spiritual Warrior is a term that I like to look at archetypically instead of literally, and only makes some sense if one views it from a dualistic view.
I first was introduced to the term "Spiritual Warrior" when I was a member of a traditional Christian demonination. Spiritual warfare was a term used in that sector as the "Holy" vs. "Evil" camps...Jesus vs. Satan, that sort of thing.
It seems that in the New Age arena, "Lightworker" may be another term closely related to this idea of spiritual warrior.....the 'war' (if you will) is to bring Light to bear upon the Dark....healing to bear against dis-ease....Love to bear against fear.
To a certain extent, the whole Care2 community that is involved in environmental protection, political activism, human rights, holisitic healing, and organic living as Spiritual Warriors!
As an archetype, I see the Spiritual Warrior as one who strives to bring Heaven to Earth, so to speak. They are engaged in doing what they can to bring liberation to the oppressed, hope to the lost, and comfort to the hurting. They stand in full awareness and accountability as Godd's emissaries on the physical plane. They understand that the physical is subject to the spiritual - and view their lives as channels for Divine intentions of peace, love, and joy.
Namaste,Janey (aka Sweet J)

The Beefeaters are a wonderful example.They have to stand their ground whilst the general public mock them throw things at them,but they do not flinch.Unless you try to pass through them! this was one of the ideas behind the use of negative force within the golden dawn and gnostics.If we can control the negative forces when manifest As with the example of jesus in the wilderness.However developement to this level takes a lot of work and the negative energy is much stronger now! and i would strongly recomend that people do not follow this path.
Sweet J -
seems to have summed it up nicely. I would only like to add a bit of emphasis to truth. It take a real spiritual warrior to find and face the truth about himself/herself and the world in which we live. The greatest and most critical battles occur within ourselves. Truth is the light by which we see clearly to chart our course and it often takes real courage to accept the truth and stand by it in the face of opposition within and without,but this is the way to make things better.The real spiritual warrier,I think,opens his/her eyes fearlessly to truth,however much it hurts.
my intent is not to offend anyone with my ideals for i realize they are just mine and would never present them as a dogma that must be followed by all or anyone. Everyone has their own paths, their own enlightments, their own spirituality. As for me though i am proud to be a warrior. i joined care2 in order to battle, not with weapons of destruction such as guns or bombs but with the weapons of change--my voice,my signiture, my time, my finances. i believe that i am only a small living organism that is a part of a larger organism, i am part of a community (local, national, and global). i warrior against my country slaughtering thousands of people in a war, i warrior against countries that participate in slave marketing of women and children, i warrior against hunger,poverty, i espically warrior against the destruction of the larger living organism i am a part of-earth. my list could go on and on. my belief is that as a spiritual being i must also reconize and face the realities of my physical existence, tempered with the wisdom,love,and compassion of my spirituality. i am a physical being, a intellectual being, as well as a spiritual being and my goal is to live in a balance and harmony of my triad. so i also must warrior against my own inner dragons and beast. so please forgive if i offend you by stating i am proud to be a spiritual warrior, for it just may be that i have not evolved yet to that higher spiritual level, but my goal is to evolve and allow others to also.
Spiritual Witnesses
There is nothing new in heaven or earth. We are empowered by our spirituality to witness love, care, upliftment, peace, harmony, etc. to ourselves and fellow travellors. How often do we listen to this still, small voice within our human breast?
Nancy's examples of some wonderful witnesses to spirituality certainly listened and acted upon their own voice of reason and love.
I think of warriors archetypically as well. Carolyn Myss says that warriors have the light attributes of strength, skill, discipline, and toughness of will. Heroism, stoicism and self-sacrifice in conquering the ego. She says the sharow attributes of the warrior are trading ethical principles for victory at any cost, and indifference to the suffering inflicted on others.

Sandee Sousa wrote: I'm going to stick my neck out on this one. I've just read many of these posts. All threads are very interesting and good different points of views. Spiritual warfare has been since the very beginning of time. The most important one I've ever learned is not in this realm, but a much higer one. There are many principalies and levels. From the Bible, you can learn how to fight this "evil" with the Armour of the Lord. I know that sometimes I feel overwhemled with almost feeling all things coming at me at one time. If I do not put the "Armour"on, I find myself even in worse shape. Sometimes I feel as if I'm in the "matrix" with no way to get out. I am a very open person to all things. However in greatest times of need, I do believe when I realize and take the time to "smell the roses," that when I feel like I'm being attacked, I must put all things in God's hands and wear my armour to protect me from all evil. This is much easier than said. MJy "self" is always getting in my way. I need blinders to jeep me from allowing my spirit from going down "hill"There are many ways that I know that I can deal with it. I don't think about it until it's too late most times. When I breathe slowly and go into praying in toungues and then staying quiet for a time, ANSWERSenerally come. They don't always seem like the right ones, but eventually I do see the ends to the means. In my family, there are many things that do go on that I can not explian to most. I do know that if I do the best I can, no matter what the circumstances or how bad they are..I will have the strenght in the end to make it through. This does not make me any better than anyone else. I try to keep myself at a very basic level all I can. Then my personality will not get in my way. Spiritual arfare can be from others or straight from satan himself as he dominates today's world. For those who believe, I need to say No more, for those who do not, nothingh will suffice. I hope that this is recieved with the love that I intended it to have. To me karma is just another way to fell things. In one's soul we can dfeel many things as well as karma and I do believe in that concept as well. The most vital part to me is still fighting with the "Battle belonging to the Lord." There are two things that I do not believe in only. reincarnation " I don't want to keep coming back in different forms.. and Not having any faith that there is nothing but the now times. I must believe that somewhere in this Universe that there must be a superior being to guide us. To me it is God. Even Aristotle believed in the "soul. Italia Again, This is my view and am not trying to offend anyone.

Holly R. wrote: many ideas, similar meanings...
I consider myself as a spiritual warrior, spiritual seeker, spiritual devotee, spiritual mystic... you get the picture.
I find it helpful to clarify the meaning of warrior... it too often gets confused with soldier. To be a warrior, spiritual or no, requires a strength, courage and purpose directed by the mind and soul of the warrior.... towards whatever end the warrior deems neccessary to redeem his purpose. A spiritual warrior, uses the guidance and fealty of his own soul to determine the use of force or action through will. The spiritual warrior is his own king, needing no other loyalty than to his own soul. The soldier on the other hand, requires all the extraneous acreutrements of a warrior, like courage, strength, skill, etc, but professes obediance and loyalty to a sovereign nation, religion, or other motivating force outside himself. OM Shanti
A Spiritual Warrior first fights against Himself like Robbie said to face our own ugliness and egos we have thus changing and nurturing a more positive less selfish personality,A Spiritual Warrior fights for those who are suffering and are opressed in all levels not only physical,and a Spiritual Warrior not only feels and shares the pain of Humanity but of the Earth and other beings on Her.A Spiritual Warrior respects Him/herself as much as respects others not only on religious views but in all areas this are some of the Shields a Spiritual warrior wears but there are many many more as he walks he is growing and learning more and more.
We want to become powerful spiritual warriors who can offer love in any situation, even to our so-called enemies. In order to achieve this end we focus on two more deeply spiritual aspects of love: compassion and love of God any concept you might have. As we grow spiritually, we will be constantly amazed at the amount of love we can experience and share. Compassion sees profoundly into the heart of each situation and offers unconditional love as a remedy. Unconditional love of God is actually the ultimate goal of our spiritual quest, which is the only remedy to satisfy the deepest longings of the soul.
love to all, tulsi dasi
In the Name of... Sunday, 12:28 PM

One sometimes finds it difficult to understand, how those, who have never felt the Spiritual Warrior's rush of blood, pounding through their veins and the welling up inside, of the need to fight for a cause considered worthy, can be so negatively censorious about the use of such a title...
It is not a lable, that one promotes as would be a banner, or a standard on a battlefield - it is more akin to a feeling that dominates the entire fabric of those who unite under such a designation...
Just my thoughts...Robbie D....

warriors?, yep
Some people I think really are like spiritual warriors. They work to deal with negative energies, negative entities and "evil" if you like.
Some of this goes on globally and the majority of the general population would be unaware of what was being done.
Some of these "spiritual warriors" spend a lot of energy cleaning up the bad energies around entire countries especially those affected by war. Much of this work is voluntary and comes with risk, those doing this thankless task can get attacked by those forces they work to control. Life is far more interesting than many realise
So perhaps think quite different to the term "disciple" although you find that term also used in dark cults so I guess they are kind of spiritual warriors as well but on the other team!
Perhaps it is just these archetypes
that have created wars, abuse, conflict, weapons on our earth world. Maybe by misunderstanding a battle of the soul. Perhaps if a more loving example had been set, we would have realized there is nothing that works like Love and would never have been a warrior at all?
Just some random thoughts...
God bless, J (aka Judy M - not Sweet J...)

Verily, to me, Spiritual Warriors are Spiritual Survivors - whose awareness and vigilance are just a tad more elevated than the norm.
One has to be aware of the source of any affliction in order to cure it - and Spiritual Warfare is much akin to a chess game than actual warfare - a game of chess with dark influences that we must overcome. Being aware of their very existence is a huge step forward towards accomplishing just that. *yes* - Luminous Luciano

Carol O. wrote in response to that:
"Verily, to me, Spiritual Warriors are Spiritual Survivors - whose awareness and vigilance are just a tad more elevated than the norm."
Wow - that's it Luciano. You hit the nail on the head.

I sure did!

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