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Friday, February 10, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Videos! Special Edition

Why special? Because I need to forget my troubles - that's why!
And, verily, we all need to! From time to time...
Here are some tunes that might help achieving just that...
First off, let's learn -live some and learn some that is- with the Cardigans!
Next - sampling time: check what Jessica and The Click Five can do... at their very best (in their very best moments especially selected for good lasting impressions that is...)
After that, we have "une valeur sûre" - Céline Dion. In French too. That's "Tout L'Or Des Hommes" by the way - double-check when it's a foreign language, videocodezone - please!
Next we have Mad-Onna aka The Erstwhile Esther aka Veronica Electronica, performing her mega-hit "Hung Up" live from... Lisboa, Portugal! This would prove why I don't like live performances - the quality of the song suffers greatly. Why pay for mediocre renditions, even if performed in person, when ye can listen to the song at its optimal potential when it was recorded in studio? The thrill of being under the same roof as one of them *ephemeral stars* is simply not worth the tickets' cost... (Note that the Cardigans' video is a live performance - but the song one hears is the studio version found on the CD!)
Note also the MTV 2 logo - seems like they felt more "European-ish" by adopting Cerberus as their symbol... oh well, whatever works to "fit in" I guess...?
Some more party music follows with an oldie but a goodie - Earth, Wind & Fire's "Let's Groove Tonight" (seems like videocodezone is just typo-ridden and/or lazy)
An oddity follows - the unlikely duet of Michael Jackson and Britney Spears! (The video is chock-full of "positive" reactions from the crowd to Michael - and, yes, with the misspelling of even as simple a name as "Michael", we get confirmation that videocodezone is typo-ridden... and really lazy!)
And, to finish off with a bang of sorts, Ashlee... she who goes merrily "la-la-la-la" through the kitchen, out the door... or something like that! Her sister Jess is the would-be classy star - while Ashlee prides herself in being a suburban ______... fill the gap there by yourselves, l.o.v's!

Oh - if you are missing the previous tunes, from the previous playlist - click on the link to find them again there!

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I tried to listen to the videos but I only can hear bits and pieces of them. Not even a full sentence. :(

I don't even have anything else open that would get in the way of it loading. I might be able to go into the videocodezone and click on the individual songs later. I will try that and see if it works.

Thanks for making the playlist. It sounds like it will be good if I can hear it. :)

God Bless You (\ô/)
Have A Great Weekend!
Hmm... that is odd.
For this playlist is the most satisfactory playlist like... ever, on TLB Prime!

Every single track is playing - a premiere right there.

No hold-outs to report - this time!
At last!

Granted, it had to be when I selected some "question marks" - those two samples (#2, #3) and that live euro performance... Oh, and MJ with Britney too! Not to mention the lip-synching champion herself, Ashlee... (!)

Still, I hope it is a sign of things to come... for the next few playlists, at least.

May all the songs be working links, indeed!

If not viewable here, on TLB Prime itself - then they will surely be on videocodezone itself!

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