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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Are YOU going up there...?

Take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself that question... or, if you're a simple-minded, pragmatic atheistic oaf, think of rotting!

Verily, I see some vicious predators getting there - but not so much certain civilized human beings...!

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A friend of mine commented on this type of virulence found on "me blogs" lately (and, honestly, from time to time).
This is a friend from another website where this blog is "rebroadcast" via an RSS feed...
Sometimes I think I have more readers THERE than HERE - on the original site!

Here is what she had to say:

Marieclaire V.
Tuesday April 18, 2006, 12:34 pm
Dear Luciano,Jesus is and has been a big inspiration in my life,i often wondered what Jesus would have said in a certain situation when i just felt mind blowed-or overwhelmed with not knowing how to respond,when i feel anger for instance,i just imagine Jesus as being such a gentle super loving man,who could and would only speak from his mouth with wisdom and love,lately there have been a few times you have left me feeling a bit bewaffled?since i have been reading so much hate in your blogs,calling names about other people or their beliefs or behavioyr,it really saddened the above,dont you know one has not have to be a believer to get Gods Love and acceptance,it is true everyone living is loved by God,and will eternally.i do not believe in an existing hell,besides a heaven above,the amount of heaven here on Earth or living hell is where we are and where we up to us right now,as a free choice and to everybody''s own responsibility.Jesus would never walk up to a person and say what is written above,he was embodied as Love/Light ,he touched people in their hearts,he looked at the world and other people with love,well to me the above does not sound sweet.I do not comment you to criticize you ,i just wanted to share with you how Jesus inspires me,to me he mirrors to me to talk sweet and with beauty,to touch only with love and gentleness,to look with love and understanding to another person,well you know all that is really good.i hope i am not offending you...wishing you well,with love from Marie-claire

I had to retort... something!
(As I always do... the great debater I am - with an impressive winning track record too. This is not a "debate" per say though...)

Tuesday April 18, 2006, 3:02 pm
You are most correct, Marieclaire
I typed up the post above not to be sweet but to be bitter indeed.
I have no love lost for atheists, as many on this site know by now.
I am not a tenth as good as Jesus was!
If I have a hairstyle and a beard (which I no longer sport) it is to be reminiscent of an apostle - not of Christ Himself.
I am the grumpy apostle, I suppose... He whose attitude is a tad brusque but has a good heart nonetheless (hope that does not make me sound like the equivalent amongst the Seven Dwarfs now! I am tall enough to ride any amusement park ride - trust me on that! In fact, I am only missing an inch for the big 6'0"! But that is not of interest here)

I do have a lot of anger in me right now, that is true.
I am bereft... with grief... mourning... teary-eyed oftentimes... and my bereavement will likely never end because the one I lost is a better person than all of those atheistic, vain, idiotic, ignorant, pathetic beings that I see in such abundance al around... When the one I lost is gone forever. Gone, until the end of time that is. ALL of our loved ones who have passed on will be back, live again - on Judgment Day. Until then though... the loss is very real.
And very hard to deal with.

GOD Loves ALL - assuredly.
Which is exactly I am appalled and exasperated by those imbeciles who know not, care not and want not that Love.
GOD Loves them all - but it is beyond me to do so as well.
I cannot.
I cannot love my enemies - though I tried.
I cause them no harm - that is the best that I can do.
I reserve the right to lambaste, censure and criticize them at every turn though.

My "angry/hateful blogs" are part of my therapy, so that I can deal with my grief...
If I did not do it this way, if I kept it all inside, I would suffocate.

Thank for your understanding and good wishes.

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