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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just Luminous!

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I don't expect a weirdo like Steve Martin to get it right - maybe ever. I don't expect all the Bible exegets to quit being the wackos that they are!
But YOU who stumbled across this blog post - let it sink in!
And, most importantly and above all,

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Some explanations, anyone?

"LuminousMan" there is imbued with the Light... of The Lord!

The Luminous Lantern is reflecting the Light... of The Lord!
(which was somehow encapsulated into the lady's lantern; that is not ao important as the idea behind this concept is! Allegorical it may be, yes - so what? The Luminous Lantern is a thousand times better than any Green Lanterns, Green Arrows, non-sensical Red Tornadoes and all-around improbable Black Lightnings too!)

And how do we get imbued like that and able to reflect the Light like that?

Like the cartoony guy does it on the third picture - by accepting The Word into your heart and letting it transform you!

Wow - even pagan sources of amusement seem to be sending out a message that corroborates today's blog post (which was, admittedly, put together in haste in typical "luminous connection of the dots" fashion... ;)

Your fortune for today...

Remember why you are here.

Aye - we should remember that we are here to glorify our Creator - He Who put us here in the first place!

Hi Luce,

Those are all very luminous pictures and I saved them all. I love the Luminous man. The second pic is also very good. The cartoon is cute and true.

Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

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