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Friday, August 11, 2006

Luminous Friday Night Video Time ~ Once Again Way Too Soon, In My Book!

It is indeed a shame that the 14 days of the tenure here, on TLB Prime, of DMX's truly inspired song and video Lord Give Me A Sign has come to an end... Seems like two weeks fly by way too fast when the song is good and a perfect fit for this luminous blog o'mine...! Oh well - here we go again, hoping that this week's pick is just as long-lasting and destined to become a perennial favorite too!

I would be remiss though if, once again, I did not present to you a few luminous sound alternatives as well...! ;)

Such as Lux Aeterna for instance! Aye - Lux Aeterna, one of the finest pieces of music anyone can possibly listen to, ever in one's life! This goes out, of course, to the 99 remaining members of the Lux Aeterna group that I continue to host (against my will and/or logic, it seems, but only because I shall not let darkness win out and engulf this great group -rife and laden with potential- into oblivion... No way! More on that below: just scroll all the way down to "deleted gems" to see!)

Alas, the video below is not the Lux Aeterna I would want here; the music is the same, but the visuals are not 2010-inspired or even LOTR-inspired but really... Sailor Moon in action?!? LIVE ACTION - at least! Lord Preserve Me From Manga - Aye, Aye; Amen!


I would also like to remind you all of this:

That's like... Three videos already here... Sorry! I had promised to cut down on such glitzy gizmos, I know... But really, such is my guilty pleasure, here, on
The Luminous Blog

Hence, here is the video I thought could toughen it up 
on TLB Prime for the next fourteen days... Tell me if I'm wrong!

But NOW that this is ARCHIVED - tell me so on another blog entirely!!!
This one right here will do!

It would be one of my "blogger greatest fears" to have a video here that quickly gets royally on everybody's nerves - and then to be unable to update the blog, say, forevermore, for whatever reason there might come to be (hey, you never know; rrright?) so it always remains here for all time as the "sound of TLB Prime" - arrrrggghhh! Of course, with the poor reliability and performance of and the plethora of deleted videos on YouTube, such an "eternal working link" theory is the stuff of MYTH and LEGEND - and never to be eye-widening (but not necessarily opening) reality! Correct? ;) is not that trustworthy indeed - for if it isn't them taking off the video, for violation of their site's rules or whatever other reason there can be, it is the user who uploaded it in the first place who can take it off in a flight of fancy himself, without any prior notice whatsoever! 

I am going to start using another site's offerings soon in order to satisfy such cravings - 
stay tuned to find out which one it is!

Meanwhile, focus on THE HARDEST PART of all this; if you make it through the first five days of Coldplay's annoying lead singer's vocals, the song will grow on you and the rest of this tenure will be smooth sailing indeed!

Not sure -like, at all- of how much longer 
I will keep up this tradition 
of a "LFNV" 
(Luminous Friday Night Video - duh) 
every other Friday or so 

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