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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Luminous Kids!

Gloria Holden was Dracula's Daughter, as you all know...
And Abigail Hopkins is Hannibal Lecter's Daughter!
Not to say that some kids necessarily have to take after their rather perplexing sires... Especially not if they are "luminous kids"...!

ABIGAIL HOPKINS - gracious melancholy

She seems to have something in common with Chaplin too, but her daddy's really Sir Anthony Hopkins (who, oddly enough, also played gentle C.S. Lewis in-between memorable performances as the sadistic Hannibal... It's all about range, folks! Chaplin had it as well - he never got as many chances to show it, that's all! His own sad-eyed daughter, Geraldine, has gotten far more in that regard... She portrayed Mother Teresa, for Christ's sake! Amen to that! But she is not hailed as "cinematic royalty" as much as her father was - too bad. At least the plethora of ingénues who portrayed half-convincingly Lady Di on-screen were not forevermore put on a pedestal either...!)
With this sadness that appears to permeate the air around her, Abigail might be possessed by the spirit of the 1770's Abigail Hopkins (which would be eeriely similar to the case that inspired her dad's earliest American film work ; a tale of possession most likely and not any reincarnation of Audrey Rose as the film would have its audience believe... They pushed the reincarnation theory in that 1977 film and forced it down out throats when, just a year earlier, in 1976, they wouldn't really enforce any beliefs in the antichrist in The Omen, quite on the contrary, they made it seem as though the alternate theory -that it all was but rampant lunacy and a series of freak accidents that meant nothing really- was just as plausible to explain everything that was going on there... Odd, isn't it? But I digress...)
Abigail does look rosey yes (an in-joke - don't ask...!) and morose... Still, well, simply put, reincarnation CANNOT be for real... come on! Possession, to some degree, can be - and it does NOT have to be Exorcist-like either! It could just be a ghost "hanging out" around us... Influencing our moods, no more than that... But that is another story! A ghost story too!
The late 1900's/new millennium Abigail Hopkins is a singer/actress and is, thus, pursuing artistic ambitions of her own - while the 1700's Abigail Hopkins had artistic aspirations which were suppressed and never to be fulfilled... Most of us are like that, even nowadays when "so much opportunity is out there" - ha! So many hurdles too... (Yup - "another story" again!)
"Our" Abigail is in her late 30's (on that pic dating from 2002 she is) and she's so frail-looking you'd think she could be the daughter of one Joan Allen, the actress who played her father's wife in NIXON and with whom she does bare a striking resemblance too... How ironic is that, hmm? She must have a similar screen presence and acting style too - similar to "mom" there! ;)

I haven't had the privilege to catch any luminous performance by Abigail, actually - whether singing or acting - alas! Gloria Holden's performance as the count's offspring, though, was hailed as somewhat luminous - in a dark way though... Of course! Quite the anachronistic feat, wouldn't you say? ;)
Abigail Hopkins can pull that off too - I just know it!
And, again, kids need not be as "inquiétants" as their forebearers... (Had to put some French in there - sue me!)

All that talk about "possible possession" has some amusing resonance in the following facts, for those of you who were wondering... Abigail, the singer, released her debut album, "Smile Road", on a label conspicuously called... Possessed Records.

She started playing classical guitar at the tender age of seven too - a definite sign, surely... Hey, similar facts served as "evidence" for Audrey Rose, so...!

In upcoming editions of "Luminous Kids", we'll discover them as we analyze the burdens and merits of the offspring of such stalwarts as John Ritter, Romy Schneider, Barbara Eden and many more...!

No, Aaron Spelling's lineage will never make it here! ;)

I would be remiss if I did not add here that my lone mention of a *possible* ancestor to Sir Anthony and Lady Abigail here was of definite interest - and it is found right here
- on TLB Prime! :)

Aye - tis about Sir Matthew Hopkins!
(Ok - that one was never knighted! But, considering the special nature of his "day job", I say he should have been from the very start!)

And here is the quick web search as it is required now to find my mention of Matthew Hopkins...

He's not my hero, by any stretches of the imagination - but I do find his choice of profession fascinating...!

Okay, when the web is not linking properly - we cut and paste it all!

Here are the results that place *me* in the top spot!

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