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Friday, November 03, 2006

Luminous MP3 Player...!!! (Uh... AWOL)

(Much better than voluminous M.P.s, if you know what I mean, Canada! But I digress...)

Once here - no longer here - were:
Madredeus, Sia, Claire Pelletier,
Loreena McKennitt, Cesaria Evora,
and many others...

I'll repost their songs, eventually -
but not via the lacklustre, underperforming
'MP3 players' provided by

And here we have today absolutely ALL of your needs for RELAXATION, MEDITATION, ELEVATION, ILLUMINATION, INSPIRATION, CONCENTRATION and REFLECTION - all met in one astounding eclectic line-up of songs and artists that make trivial the boundaries of time itself... This line-up is a truly luminous assortment indeed - it covers over 40 years of music, of all genres almost - with ONE constant; it is music with a soul and with a whole lot of heart. It so happens that all the artists involved are ladies - save one - again, the exception that reaffirms the rule here!

Hence, 'Tis Verily A
Luminous Fair!

Eat your heart out, Lilith Fair!

This is one line-up that ol' Sarah Mac could only have DREAMED of though - regrouping world class talent in many different languages and styles; world music ("Musiques du Monde" does sound classier, somehow!) exotic latino beats, spiritual captivating rhythms, enticing melodies... This is the ultimate collection of the very best! As compiled by yours truly too...! ;)
This luminous compilation simply had to start with the luminous Hildegard Von Bingen - she's another one who could have made it easily to my All-Saints' Day list!
Only missing here are the late Ofra Haza (she would have been a fair representative for the defunct category, prevalent in this month of remembrance) and one or many bonafide, genuine *fadistas* - Mariza, Misia and São! :)
Save them for the next Luminous MP3 Player, you say?
Okay! ;)

Or rather... NOT!

UPDATE: since then (wow - LESS THAN A YEAR LATER!)
I have grown not only disillusioned with the service that I have received; I have grown irritated to the utmost degree by it! The 30 songs on the MP3 player were STUPENDOUS - and they did play continuously, for a short while... But then, a matter of bandwidth magically and mischieviously turned my 30 songs into 30 ten-second long highly-irritating messages that repeated, ad nauseam, the same thing: ''PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MP3 LINK WITH THE SNAPDRIVE MP3 PLAYER GENERATOR - GO TO SNAPDRIVE.NET FOR MORE DETAILS''
And not even a thank you or very basic ''SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE'' with that, no (or he would have exceeded his ten seconds!)
The devilish voice not only lies (the ''MP3 PLAYER GENERATOR'' is - not! Snapdrive is a LOUSY, INFURIATINGLY INCOMPETENT, CHEAP, COWARDLY AND UNDERHANDED STORAGE SERVICE - no more than THAT! And the moment that you make a SOUND USE of their resources, they ask you for cash or do not - but go behind your back and undo ALL THE PLAYLISTS THAT YOU'VE METICULOUSLY PUT TOGETHER - to replace them with those messages, ON TOP OF THAT! AND THE MORONS REALLY EXPECT PEOPLE TO DO AS THE MESSAGE SAYS AFTERWARDS!!! Pathetic - some people really should NEVER GO INTO ANY KIND OF BUSINESS AT ALL! They have NOS SKILLS for it... No savoir-faire... But I digress...)

I can tell you right here and now that I AM NEVER GOING TO SNAPDRIVE.NET ''FOR MORE DETAILS'' -thay can shove their details into their cybera$$es for all I care- AND I AM NOT ''CHANGING MP3 LINKS'' (which means really UPLOADING THEM ALL OVER AGAIN - NO WAY, PAL! You take too long on your damn system to handle that anyway...)


I need to relax now - the ''luminous MP3 player'' is dead!
Let's absorb the loss with some fine music - relax with Enya!
I need it!

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Not sure why this tune doesn't load up...

Try it here:

It is working fine there!
One faulty tune out of 30 ain't bad though...

Ain't bad at all!

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